Sunday, December 25, 2011

A lovely, Lushy Christmas

Firstly, I'm very much moved in to my new house with my mum, brother and sister. It's still chaotic, but reallly, what else were you expecting? I've also gotten my results for year 12 (finally) and am thrilled that I passed the audition requirements for the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. So, yeah the last 12 years of musical education have paid off. =D

Anyway, I've been spending a fair bit of money at Lush on Swanston street and in Melbourne Central lately. Actually, I'm so pleased by everything I've bought there, I want to work there! That's a big deal for me as I've never seen myself doing any sort of retail work. Time to rewrite my resume, it seems. So, as a tribute to everything I've bought or tried there, I have decided to write a rave/ haul about the products I have purchased, and I'll be totally honest. Disclaimer: I have paid for everything listed and haven't been asked by Lush to write this. Just so you know. =)

Goth Juice: This pricey little pot of discontinued goodness has been my favourite ever since I first tried it. I love the mossy, earthy scent so much I would wear it as perfume if it was ever bottled. Apart from the cost, my only complaint is that I wish the scent would linger more once the hair gel was in my hair, but you cannot smell it once it's applied. For some, this may be a good thing. It's a lovely purple colour, too, and purple is my favourite colour.

Demon in the Dark: This is a bar of soap containing mint and clove oils. Have I ever mentioned that I have a 'thing' with mint? You know, how some people go gaga over the smell of garlic frying in butter, or vanilla? Well, I love mint things so much, if I could only smell/ taste one flavour for the rest of my life, it would be mint. So, I may be a bit one sided when I say how much I love this soap. It foams into a light lather and rinses away easilly. Also, I have sensitive skin, so I was a bit cautious about trying this soap, due to the stong oils. Almost all mainstream soap bars irritate my skin, but this soap is fine.

Sweetie Pie: This is something that is a novelty in my opinion. It is essentially sodium laureth sufate made into agar jelly, not gelatine. I've always felt a bit iffy about using gelatine products and food. I'm not a vegetarian, as I eat fowl and seafood, but I know that I'll be a vegetarian when I'm older. Anyway now's not the time to talk about that. The soap contains glitter and is dyed blue/ black. It has a scent of blueberries that reminds me of jelly lollies. Everyone else in my family is a bit repulsed by this soap, but think it's really fun to hold. In the shower it becomes really slippery, but it can be brushed over a shower sponge or puff and used like a shower gel.

Mint Julip lip scrub: This is something I feel I could have made myself, but I was curious to try it and, well it has mint oil in it... Super satisfied witht the results; smooth, soft lips and a delicious flavour.

Dirty perfume: This is a men's perfume, but I feel that it is suitable for ladies to wear just fine. It is fresh, minty and subtly earthy. Very expensive for the amount, though, but cheaper than a high fashion brand. It's hard to go wrong with perfume, mind you. Either you like the scent, or you don't.

Dirty Toothy Tabs: I have only bought this a few days ago, and only tried it twice. Essentially it is a small tablet that you chew and then brush your teeth with. It foams up to a light lather similar to toothpaste. I initially tried one without a brush. DON'T do that- it really tastes awful. It is really important to follow the directions on the box. In my personal opinion, I feel that toothpaste is better tasting, easier and more efficiant at cleaning my teeth, but I actually bought these for a camping trip I'll be embarking on soon enough. I think that they are very convenient and they have far less packeging than toothpaste tubes. I though that it wasn't minty enough for my tastes, as I love a good strong mint flavour.

I also bought a bar of Teo Deodorant for my dad, but as I'm sure you can understand, I didn't try that. It smelt pretty though.

I hope you are all enjoying your holidays!

xxx Lilly

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


So I'm not sure how much you bloggers know, but I'm essentially all settled in to my new house with my mum, sister and brother. Things are naturally chaotic, but slowly sorting themselves out. That does explain why, even though I haven't been studying, I haven't been able to write anything substantial. =(

But, last week I had my audition for Melbourne University Conservatorium. I was rather stressed about it, but I felt I played well in the end... and I've recieved good news, but I won't tell until it's all official. =P

Also, on Saturday I'll be heading to a Tim Burton- ish themed party for the 18th birthday celebrations of one of my good friends. I've decided to dress up as a Mrs. Lovett type character so I don't have to go out and buy more clothes. As nice as that would be, I spent a shocking $65 on Illamasqua foundation yesterday (It is lovely) and subsequently cannot afford to spend money...

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xxx Lilly

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Everyone who's read my blog or follows me on Twitter will know that I love the work by Amerian McGee. In particular, his creations Alice and Alice: Madness Returns.

In honour of his work, and as an entry to Audfaced's current makeup contest I created a look inspired by the Cheshire Cat from both games.

Here you can see my entry. It is my first published YouTube video, so it's rather rusty and unpolished... but, hey, making videos is a learning experience, so I can only improve from here.

I should mention that I did compose the music for the video. More details are provided in the video decription, but the piece was composed in 2009 or 2010... perhaps even in 2008. I don't remember eactly, but I chose it because it was the right length. XD
In case you're interested, here is the promotional video published by Audfaced.

xxx Lilly

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Goths and Ballet

I have always been facinated with dance. I have studied Jazz Ballet, Contemporary, Irish, Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballroom, Bellydance and Latin for varying periods of time, the longest being 12 years. So, naturally, dance and dance related things have always been very close to my heart.
Ballet, for me, was always out of the question. I'm rather tall, with a large bust (sorry for being frank) and solid- ish legs. When I turned 17 I became rather slender and women tend to do, but I will never be skinny and petite which is rather a requirement of ballet. This has frustrated me because I love ballet. I really think it is a beautiful form of dance.

When people think of ballet they imagine a prima balllerina dressed in white with a stiff tutu and hair in a bun. This is a true image of ballet in the traditional sense.
But ballet has expanded and grown, as alll art forms do, into contemporary ballet which is modern, unconventional yet just a dramatic and mysterious.
 None the less, ballet has always been beautiful, dramatic and with a focus on 'line'. There is also a sensuality about ballet, in the lightness of the movements and the lines the body creates. Ballet forces the body into positions it is not designed to be in. This makes ballet a very unhealthy form of dance, but with an element of fantasy and the surreal.

Ballet's appeal to Goths, I believe, lies in this fantastic, dream like quality.

Google 'Goth Ballet' and you will find dozens of pictures similar to this...
While these sorts of shoes a clearly ballet inspired and very pretty, they are without question fetish shoes and so may not be appropriate for everyone. (I should add that these shoes are not designed to be walked in. They are for show only.) However, Google 'Gothic Ballet' (Isn't is amazing how a few letters can change the meaning) and you will find many beautiful pictures...
 All of these pictures, and there are hundreds more, have a dark, romantic quality about them. A touch of sadness or an air of danger, yet they are still 'ballet'. There is also a distinct contrast between this and traditional ballet, through the use of lighting, colour, symbolism and/ or texture.

Ballet can incorperated into fashion easilly. I feel this is similar to Lolita fashion styles, with more flow and something of a simplication. Ribbons and stocking are items that are often found in wardrobes, and are perfect. Tutus, flowing skirts that go to the knee and shorter hoop skirts are also perfect. Singlets, corsets (to the looney in the back, of course you cannot dance ballet in a corset. It's just for show), plain t shirts and flowing loose shirts are good for top clothing. Colour wise, ballet often features pastel and pale neutral colours such as ivory. While these can be very effective as Gothic attire, perhaps you would feel more comfortable in black, grey, charcoal or even neon colours. Hair can be arranged in a bun, neat or deconstructed, or in an elaborate up do and secured with nets, ribbons or pins. In a performance, hair will always be off the face, but really you can have your hair however you like.
The 'Gothic' nature is really brought out through contrast. For example, stocking can be ripped and distressed, clothes can be stained, torn and embellished, huge chunky boots can be paired with pastel stockings and neat hair... The combinations are endless and any amount of DIY creativity can bring a ballet costume, or ballet inspired garb to be spooky, cute, mysterious, dark or even sexy, depending on your personality.
(Sorry for any ballet loving Cybergoths reading this. I'm not all that experienced with Cyber fashion, but I'm positive it can work. Oh, and if someone ever composed a ballet featuring vampires and droids I really would love them for ever.)

I don't encourage everyone to suddenly stop what they're doing and take ballet lessons and I'm certainly not supporting the idea that you must be rail thin in order to enjoy this look. That would be foolish and very unrealistic. Instead I think that the grace, elegance and attention to detail can be incorperated into our everyday dress, manner and lifestyle.

xxx Lilly

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Inspirational People: Hex

Stephanie "Hex" Bendixsen is a host on the Australian TV shows Good Game and Good Game Spawn Point. Herself, co-host Bajo and on SP a 'robot' called D.A.R.R.E.N review games, give gaming news from Australia and around the world and feature events related to gaming. Occasionally, the field reporter Goose gives insight to the games industry and technology.

Hex is an inspiration to me as a young, vibrant female who plays games in what is largely a male-dominated industry and is in the public eye. There is a bit of a stigma about 'girl gamers' which is for the majority, untrue. Hex is someone who is refreshingly real, down to earth, young and actually 'cool'. Her knowledge of gaming history and 'skill' as a gamer is very impressive.
 Hex is also 'Alternative' and unique in her style and manner. She is intelligent and articulate, which OF COURSE is important.
(Did I mention she is just as nerdy about dragons, warlocks, ninjas and magic as I am?)
Hex with Andrew Hansen, part of the Chasers and another huge inspiration and idol of mine.

P.S Now I'm 100% completely finished with school forever. Last night was my last performance through school. Also, I'm recently single, which is sad. =(

xxx Lilly

Thursday, November 10, 2011

No more school

Yesterday was my last ever official day of school, and my high school graduation was last night. I must admit, I am so relieved to be finished with school but I didn't feel the 'rush' that I was expecting to feel. I believe that this is because my Music Performance- Solo practical exam was on Sunday, the day before yesterday, and I had been preparing for that exam for 12 months. I think I wrote about it in my previous post. Anyway, while I believe that that exam won't be my hardest exam, it is the exam that I wanted to be most successful in, as I have been studying classical music for 11 years and want to make a career out of that. Subsequently that exam certainly had the most weight attached to it, and I certainly relaxed afterwards. My dad took my brother and myself out for lunch which was nice, and he bought me a book. =)

Yesterday we had a dress up day. There wasn't a theme, but fancy dress in general. I decided to dress up as Red Riding Hood, and on Saturday, as a much needed distraction from the ever present nerves building up to Sunday, I went to Spotlight and bought some cheap panne velvet in a beautiful dark red and sewed a cloak and hood (by hand). I don't know how to use a machine, and the one that we currently have is apparently not very good. It took about 5 hours in total, which was quite efficient as it was the first article of clothing I had made from scratch, and the website I was using as reference was in inches, which makes things more difficult.

Anyway, this post has taken far too long to publish, so I'm just going to wrap it up by saying I only have one more exam to go and that is next week! I am slowly getting through this!!!

xxx Lilly

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Things to do after Year 12

Life as I used to enjoy it has recently come to an almost stand still, due to Year 12. Lately I haven't been able to spend hours writing blog posts, watching TV shows and playing games until 3am, or spend my time composing music as I love to do, simply because of the amount of school work, study and practice that has been required of me. I do push myself academically, and that doesn't improve the situation. Rather, it results in unreasonable expectations, and the feelings of failure when I don't succeed where I want to.
But, VTAC applications are in (except for that supplementary form that I forgot... ) and in exactly one month from tomorrow I will be sitting my last exam for school. Ever. Scary stuff to say the least.
Next weekend is my solo flute exam, which requires a 25 minute solo performance with pieces that meet a variety of criteria. Overall I do feel comfortable with my performance, however there is one piece I am studying that is AMus standard that is... well technically challenging to say the least. Highly atonal with rapid ascending passages in the upper register, combined with quaver triplets over crotchet triples in the piano, with... you get the idea. It's undoubtably the hardest piece I've ever studied on any instrument.

Year 12, and I'm guessing most senior high school years across the world, are demanding and very stressful. I am living on the notion that I only have one week of compulsory classes left ever, coffee and the promise of a fresh start once the whole thing has ended, regardless of the outcome.

So, it seems natural to compensate for the things that have been missing from my life this year, starting from the 16th of November, after my Music Performance- Solo written exam (which happens to be my brother's 13th birthday!)

1. Get my L's
It's something of a tradition for Australian young drivers to get their learners when they are 16, and to churn away at those hours so they can get their P's when they're 18. I've been 18 for over six months now, and I still don't have my L's. It's getting rather frustrating, because sometime last week my only valid form of ID went missing, and I still haven't found it.

2. Get a job.
I have been living off the support of my parents and centerlink for the last two years, with the excuse the I have been concentrating on my studies, and that all of my free time has been taken up with flute playing. That isn't going to be an excuse over the summer, or next year even if I am at university. I do like the idea of getting a job at a nice coffee shop or tea house, or even working at Lush.

3. Move house.
This is going to happen anyway, I know, because we have bought a house just a suburb away. Exciting, and requires some packing... =S but overall it should be a positive experience.

4. Buy a computer.
This will not happen for a while now, as I am terrible at saving money. I really want a computer, preferable a desk top so I can fill it up with new games. Laptops simply don't have the grunt for my tastes.

5. Eat healthier.
Year 12 takes its toll on you due to the lack of sleep, and I don't think my diet has been overly healthy this year. I simply haven't been eating enough lunch or breakfast, so I haven't been able to focus during the day at school.

6. Sleep in.
Goodness, I love my sleep, and I am looking forward to when I am able to lie in my coffin from 4am until 1pm without worrying that I am missing classes or not spending my time studying.

7. Read.
I have always read, but this year I have been somewhat restricted in what I read because I have had to read my Literature texts multiple times each. I am looking forward to being able to read without having to analyse the text, but simply enjoy it.

8. Have a clean bedroom.
This is so hard for me. I haven't sustained any attempt to clean and organise my room since year 2, and that's not an exaggeration. When I have the time...

Anyway that's all. I should SHOULD finish my Styles homework before my SAC on Tuesday. (SACs in term 4... Yes indeed. =/)

xxx Lilly

Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 16

Day 16- What's the most casual you've ever dressed?

Wow, firstly, I appologise for my silence of late. Year 12 has really gotten hectic and I really haven't had a spare moment to write something decent. Unitl this evening, that is, because earlier today I completed my last SAC for the term. (When I came back to end this post, that SAC now has to be re- sat by the class... Grrr it is STILL not over!!!!)

Anyway, I tend to dress with more of a minimilistic/ casual approach to Goth. I wear plain cotton shirts and skirts. Nothing too fancy or expensive. The most casual I have ever dressed would be when I went to school with my trench, skirt and long sleeved top on. It was freezing and I thought I would need some extra warmth, so I threw a plain black hoodie that I wore to bed in my school bag. I did need it, but I was reluctant to wear a hoodie out in public. Eventually I had to give in and wear the darn thing, but I felt so out of place.

Despite the fact that I generally have more of a low- key thing going on with minimalistic touches, I am very vain and won't leave the house in anything less that a proper skirt and a trench coat or shirt. Also, rarely is there ever a day where I don't wear some sort of makeup. Often it will just be a smudge of eyeliner and some mascara, because really, who can be bothered getting up at 6am to do makeup before a 8:15am Methods class. Not me, that's for sure.

Undoubtably, the day that I have those horrendous 8:15am classes (Tuesday and Friday) I tend to be at my most casual, only because I run out of time before I must drain my cup of tea and race out the door. In no way am I a morning person, and I have a tendancy to sacrifice makeup and hair time for more sleep.

xxx Lilly

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Theatre of the Nameless

If any of you have been following the YouTube or blog of the makeup company Illamasqua, you'll already be awear of this,but I was so inspired by it, I felt I had to share it with you.

This is the promotional video for Illamasqua's new makeup collection, inspired by the indulgent, illicit 1920's.
I personally have never tried an Illamasqua product, but I've heard so many reviews and raves about the product, but many artists swear by the products.

All of the promotional videos for their collections have a decidedly Gothic touch and this resonates to the colours in the collection.

I was inspired by this makeup that conjours images of sexy, yet empowered females and males performing on stage is a smoky vauderville bar or club, a la La Moulin Rouge, but with a hint of fantasy and the blurring of eras. (The nightclub, not the film, althought the costumes and makeup are very inspiring.)

This is a promotional picture from Makeup Forever's Limited Edition makeup collection, that was created as a result of a collaboration between the company's designer and the head of the Moulin Rogue, and I must say, this is hot!

xxx Lilly

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 15

What is you favourite item in your wardrobe?

My favourite item of clothing would be my black, semi- Victorian style thigh length trench coat. Sadly it's missing a button or two at the moment, but I've had that dear jacket for nearly two years and it's served me well. It wasn't very expensive, high quality and isn't a great cut, but I love it none the less.

Me, my beautiful boyfriend pulling a face and my beautiful trench coat. New Years Eve 2010
 I don't wear the jacket in it's intended way, but that doesn't matter...

xxx Lilly

Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 13 and 14

Sorry for my silence of late. I've ad trouble getting access to a laptop lately and am currently writing on a school one with six keys removed. Not exactly the most ideal circumstances to be writing in...

Day 13- What was your first band T shirt?

In all honesty, I bought my first band T shirt only a few weeks ago. It is a Christian Death T shirt in black, obviously, with their name and logo printed in silver on the front. I am a big fan of the band and in August last year the did a show in Melbourne wit Ikon and Voltaire as the supporting bands. As you could imagine, I was devestated that I missed the show because I was 17 at that time, but I did get to meet Voltaire in Peril (ironically, where I bought the T shirt) and got a hug and a signed CD so it wasn't al bad.

Day 14- What was your best and worst DIY experience?

I once had to hand sew a skirt that I wanted to wear to school tat day. It is one of my favourites and the one I'm wearing at the moment. Anyway, I went to the movies with my dad and my brother after school that day and a serparate part of the skirt was loose and trailing behind me the entire time!!! (Yesterday I simply hacked off the trail with a pair of scissors.  Not very professional...)

I had a delicious tiered lace skirt that tore around the tiers. Clearly the lace and material was too heavy for the upper layers to hold. Last year I reconstructed the skirt into a different skirt with a raised front section akin to something I saw on the Heavy Red website.

This was at a Rocky Horror party!!!

xxx Lilly

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 12

Day 12- What is your Gothic inspiration?

This is a difficult thing to answer because I'm constantly getting inspired by different people, places, things and sounds that I experience each day.
 Razor Candi's aesthetic is something that I would like to achieve in the future, but considering I'm a student and living with my family, I probably wouldn't get away with wearing a corset, ripped tights and a bra around the house. Her makeup is delicious, too.
Emilie Autumn, both musicially and stylistically, she really is one of the most inspirational people for me.
Generally I'm inspired bu individual pictures rather than people themselves so to show my inspiration in a blog post would be more than anyone could possibly do. My Tumblr, which is rarely updated these days, is probably where I pool most of the inspiring pictures I find, so if you're curious go and have a look.

xxx Lilly

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 10 and 11

Ok, so I'm a teeny pit pissed that Blogger deleted the entirity of an unpublished post... that I now have to rewrite from scratch...

Day 10 – What do you hate and love about the subculture?

Love- Gorgeous fashion, music and the overall aesthetic. It reflects a strong part of my taste and personality and has always resonated with me.

Hate- The 'elitist' attitude held by some Goths. It really annoys me to see them look down their noses on some people.

Day 11 – Is Goth a lifestyle for you?

Most indeed. I have dressed this way for the better part of the last ten years, used music that had a dark sound as a source of peace and relaxation and had a strong fondness for vampires, and Goth was a nice little name that I could put around this, and meet plenty of like minded people because of this. Even if the Goth subculture vanishes into nothingness, I will continue to do what I do proudly! =D

xxx Lilly

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 9

Day 9 – What genre of music do you dislike?

There are actually quite a few genres of music that I really really dislike.
Probably the genre that I like the least would be funk, followed by reggae. Soul would be in there too, as well as rap. urban, disco and pop- punk. I'm also not a fan of most Country music, particularly that found in Australia. (Random fact: Lee Kernaghan's cousin was my piano teacher for quite a few years!)
However, there are a few songs on Voltaire's country album that made me question my opinion on country music. Namely The Churchyard and When You're Dead.

I'm also not much of a fan of really bleepy synth pop, although there are some exceptions.
The most interesting one would be Jazz. For many years I wanted to be a professional jazz pianist. The only problem is that the only styles of jazz that I could really get into Dixieland/ New Orleans and Big Band. In other words, what those wanky jazz fans consider to be 'cliche'.
So now I really don't like jazz in general.

For a musician, I know that there are plenty of styles that I don't like at all, but rather than dwell on that and attempt to change it by listening to music that I don't want to, I simply prefer to listen and perform what I love, because I love it.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 8

Day 8 – What's your worst and best experience with non-Goths?

This is a difficult question because I haven't had the best experience overall with non Goths.

I'll get the worst over first...

I remember being at a 20th earlier in the year and a guy who was an old family friend who I have known all my life was there. He was studying in Sydney and hadn't seen me in years and when we were chatting he was like "Jen, what is with the Goth?"
Now, this question is relitively commom amongst strangers and aquaitences... but I would have hoped that someone who had been a close friend and who came from an understanding, caring family would, well, 'get' it by now. This guy in question is in his mid twenties and very much into the whole 'indie' thing, complete with iPhone and skinny leg jeans. Surely, one person from an alternative culture would be able to understand why someone else would be part of a separate alternative culture with out much confusion?

Now the best...

I think I'll say the overall, positive reaction to my dress sense, makeup and general spookiness at school. The difference between this year and previous years is that I am able to essentially wear what I like, clothing, footwear, makeup and hair- wise. I've written about this before, I believe. I have my own deamons to confront in regards to what I feel comfortable about wearing at school, but overall people have embraced it well enough to inspire me to continue doing it each and every day.

xxx Lilly

Day 7

Day 7 – Ten of your favourite goth bands.

Acid Bats- I've only recently gotten into this band, but I'm enjoying them so far

I love the vocals. My my my, Donna Lynch can SING!!!

The Sisters are my favourite Trad Goth band. I could easilly add many more songs here...

This song has been a true favourite of mine for years.

Hot as hell, and they're originally from Sydney!!!

This is my favourite CXS song, but I love so many of theres, and this video is so awesome!

Really cannot express my love for this band

I love all of Rufus Rex/ Creature Feature 's music. They should ALL be here!!!

Again, only a few song's of her's that I don't like. The synths are so haunting...

How could there be a favourite's list of mine without mentioning this guy? So much love!!! This is my favourite song ever.

xxx Lilly

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 6

Day 6 – Hand write your favourite lyric and take a picture.

Hmm... this is difficult because I have so many favourite lyrics.

It's a teeny bit blurry, but my camera wouldn't focus...
xxx Lilly

Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 5

Day 5 – Is there a local Goth band or group in your area?

That depends. In my suburb there's not much of a Goth scene but in the city there's a pretty strong culture so there's bound to be many bands. The only thing that springs to my mind at this late hour is the legendary Nick Cave himself.

Most of the Goth music I listen to isn't as popular as it was 30 years ago, so that's probably why I can't think of any. There are plenty of DJs and that sort of thing.

xxx Lilly

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 4

Day 4 – Name a stereotype or cliche you can relate to.Ah, there are so many. For starters, I love Halloween. So Much. It isn't celebrated all that much here in Australia, but I am a strong believer in Every Day is Halloween.
I also love my cliched motifs. Spikes, stripes, skulls, bats, spiders, coffins. I love them all.
The Addams Family, and Tim Burton. I love my Gothy TV and movies.
Anne Rice.
Bram Stoker.
Swirly eyeliner.

I tick so many Gothy cliches, as well as Classical musician ones. XD

xxx Lilly

Day 3

Day 3 – When did you come out the Goth closet?

I've always felt that I identified with the Goth culture long before I actually considered myself Goth. I felt that I had 'crossed over' so to speak at around fifteen, but it could have been earlier than that. It wasn't until I was nearly seventeen that I actually said, 'yes I consider myself a Goth' when people enquired. Partly because I didn't have the self confidence to admit that I associated with a subculture that, for the most part, was view as dark, evil and dangerous by the mainstream, but as I got older I discovered the confidence to no longer let that bother me, and I hope that people around me don't associate Goth with all those bad, untrue things.

(P.S this post has been written in between playing Legacy of Kain- Defiance. I like the game, but due to poor game mechanics resulting in all sorts of faults, it is SO FRUSTRATING at times. Grrrrr

2010 taken by me

2010 Taken by me
xxx Lilly

Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 2

Day 2 – Share photos and experiences from your Baby Bat days.

Ok, so I had to sign into MySpace and Facebook to get some of these. I'll do my best with the correct years... There won't be any super recent ones, unfortunately...



2009. Edited by me.

2008. Makeup free!

The same photo with a makeover.
Wow, don't I look SPOOKY with yellow lighting? 2009
2011. About as 'natural' as it gets for me
2011. Edited with my phone
Wow that was scary...!!!

xxx Lilly

Day One

Day 1 – How did you come across the subculture?

Firstly, thanks to Amy from Juliet's Lace for creating this cool thing. So many people are doing it. Please check out her blog.

I've touched on this in a few other posts, but essentially I've been aware of Goth my whole life. My parents were exposed to other Goths when they were at university and they regularly made references to my 'gothic tendencies' in the past. It wasn't until I was about 14 that I really 'discovered Goth' for my self in a book called Paint It Black by Voltaire. I've been wearing all black for about eight years ago so it's been a pretty smooth, natural progression for me.

Me when I was about 16. Editing my me.
xxx Lilly

Monday, August 1, 2011

Outfit and Makeup Inspiration

I'm always looking at pictures for inspiration with my clothes and makeup. It's my dream that one day I'll be wealthy enough to be able to buy whatever I wanted, but nowadays, with my limited funds and everything, money to burn is scarce so I just have to make do with what I've got and customise it to suit. With makeup, many of the looks created can be recreated easilly but the problem lies in really nice technique, colour and fine aesthetic details. Sometimes my eyeshadows are just not pigmented enough, damn it!

Here are some pictures that I am inspired by at the moment.,and,white,corset,hat,fashion,stripes,beautiful-2395637424f8b8283bb00c9cc855633e_h_large.jpg?1311396541
Since when does one NOT love stripes?
 I love the beautiful silken false lashes. Soft, light and dreamy makeup can be Goth, really it can! It works well here contrasted with deep red, glossy lips.
No matter what, to me Angelica Huston will ALWAYS be THE Morticia Addams. I love her 'classic glamour' look combined with the delicious morbidity of Morticia. Blood red lips and dark, contouring eye makeup, my dears. She will always be an inspiration to me. This, in case you're wondering, is from The Addams Family Values, which is my favourite. I still enjoy the first one, but I saw this one when I was about six or seven and it's such a big part of my childhood. The TV show is good too, but I haven't watched it as much.
 Razor Candi looking amazing. I must admit that I've been getting more into Deathrock, Post punk and 'Trad Goth' music of late, and my clothing choices have reflected that. I love her strong lip and cheek makeup the most. I wish I had her bone structure to pull it off as well as she does... *sigh*

There are hundreds of fantastic photo on the internet. Inspiration is at your fingertips. Please share with me any photos or people who inspire your current outfits.

xxx Lilly

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gothic Makeup and the Mainstream

It's pretty plain to see that Goth makeup at other aesthetics have infiltrated the mainstream. Winter, which it is way down here in Australia, is typically when the darker colours show their faces. This is a good thing because it means that Goth overall is becoming more accepted and that means less hassle for us. It can also be a bad thing because there's always the terrifying notion that we're percieved as just following whatever mainstream trend that's popular at the moment instead of doing our own thing. But it does make buying clothes, makeup and jewellery easier!

Makeup is something I'm particularlly interested in. My YouTube account is subscribed to heaps of makeup related channels.
One of the most important things I've learnt while watching makeup videos is that you really don't need to be watching videos that are specifically Goth, or other dark aesthetic, in order to be learning something. Often, mundane makeup techniques can be applied to Goth makeup with some colour and intensity variation. Everything related to makeup and brush care applies to us as well, and is something that shouldn't be ignored. =)

Makeup channels that are run my non-Goths that I believe are worth checking out are Michael James, Illamasqua, Michelle Phan (Yes, her. Her technique is good, ok.) and Secret Life Of a Bio Nerd.
All of these channels have done at least one makeup tutorial or related video that I believe could work well as Goth makeup, and show very good makeup application. There's plenty that is of no interest to me, but it's not a problem to simply ignore that content and focus on the stuff that is important, and DON'T complain/ whinge or whatever about their content. It's their choice to post whatever they choose.

There are plently of dark, Goth or Goth friendly makeup video makers on YouTube. Many of them, frankly are rubbish but there are a few diamonds in the rough. My personal choices are Helena Is Red (many of her videos are in Spanish, but they're in pretty good quality so you can see the techniques well and some even have English subtitles), Adora BatBrat naturally, Audfaced who does many FANTASTIC horror SFX makeup and Fille de Porcelaine who is a beautiful Loltia (who has the same name as me!).

Anyway, I'm going to leave you all with two really awesome videos from Audfaced. Enjoy!

xxx Lilly

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Best Coffee

I love my coffee. Nowadays it seems that everyone is buying these fancy, glitzy stainless steel electric coffee makers that you see in coffee shops. I don't have one of those for two reasons. The first being that they're expensive and I simply cannot afford one on my student budget (of zero in and lots out) and because, well.... I like my on- the- fire one. So, I'm going to be writing about this type.
The type that sits on gas fire and slowly makes the coffee.
I like to think that I'm pretty good at making this sort of coffee, and I have learnt a few tricks that make it really the best.

1. Read any/all of the instructions that come with the pot. I'm pretty sure that my current pot didn't come with any, but if there is then it's best if you follow it rather than guess.

2. Keep everything hot. Pour a little boiling water into each mug that you're going to use. (Don't use tea cups- they'll cool down too quickly)This warms the cup so when hot liquid is poured in it won't cool as much. Oh, and don't waste time pouring the coffee.

3. Learn you proportions properly. The 'ideal' cup of coffee varies from person to person so the exact amount of water and coffee in the pot is subjective to preferences. Generally, fill the water up fully (There may be a mark, bolt or some indicator) and add the coffee to your liking. If water fills the metal coffee holding part (I don't know if there are real names for each of the parts. There may be...) then there's too much water. For more people, you'll need more coffee.
Also it's good to establish the proper amount of milk for each person. Again this is largely a personal opinion, but I find that half a cup of milk is good for one person coupled with half a cup of strong coffee. Milky AND strong!

4. Take it slow. Keep the gas on a cool as possible. The coffee will take considerably longer to be ready but there's less chance of it burning and the coffee grains will have had more time to infuse. By the way, when you hear that whisteling sound, turn off the gas. That is the sound of air, not coffee, running through the pot and greatly affects the flavour (it can even burn) and almost no more coffee will run through.

5. Understand the temperatures and times. I've breifly mentioned this earlier, but you want the coffee to be as hot as possible. It's easy to let a cup of coffee cool to the right temperature, but it won't heat up at all. I find that on my microwave, 1 minute per half cup of milk in a microwave safe glass jug (enough for one person) works well to get good, steaming hot milk, but it depends on the sort of microwave. Also, keep the hot freshly brewed coffee in the coffee pot. The metal of the pot will stay nice and hot and keep the coffee hot.

6. Whisk the milk. I've seen fancy milk whiskers that are battery operated, but I find that a good whisk is far more effective.
The sort shown is the best. I've tried using other types of whisks and it just doesn't work. If the jug is small you can hold the whisk between you palms and run them back and fourth (as if you're cold) and that works a treat. If the jug is bigger then whisk as if you're beating eggs. Quite a bit of force is required to get a nice, dense froth. Full cream milk is best for frothing. Low fat or fat free milk just doesn't work as well. All the bubbles pop. I believe it's better to have less cups of coffee made with full cream milk that more cups made with low fat milk. Quality over quantity, I say. Pour the hot coffee into the pre heated cups and then top with hot milk, spooning on the foam. Add sugar if you desire, but remember that I would be rolling my eyes at you as you do. XD

You would have noticed that I've been repeating myselfa lot, saying 'It's mainly personal taste'. It's true that for this sort of coffee making there are no exact formulas or recipes to work from. Instead, just spend time experimenting to work out the best proportions, don't burn yourself, and enjoy.

xxx Lilly

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Voltaire and Cellos

I have been plagued with a rather nasty case of tonsillitis, a head cold and something that has made me throw up and am just on the tail end of it all, so really haven't been able to do anything much except shiver under my doona for the last three days. I did see Pirates of the Caribbean IV last night and The Art of The Brick earlier this afternoon so I haven't entirely missed out, but I'm not looking forward to that massive pile of year 12 holiday homework that's waiting for me when I am 100%. I'm going to be adding to this post in short chunks so it seems so it may take a while. I must watch Donnie Darko again with my mum sometime soon, too...

Oh yeah, everyone should go and head over to Voltaire's website now and listen to the sneak peek of one of his new songs on his new album. I have to say I'm very excited by what I hear. Drums are by Brian Viglione of The Dresden Dolls, Cello is by Melora from Rasputina, the bassist is David J. from Bauhaus and the horns are from the Red Hook Ramblers for goodness sake! All are great musicians and from that short little excerpt it sounds HOT! And probably not the sort of music you'd show your mother XD

Oh and I recently purchased the game Alice: Madness Returns for PC. Unfortunately it has to run on my sister's laptop as every other one isn't powerful enough to run it properly. I wrote about the game earlier in the year and you can read that here. The score is just amazing and the art is fantastic. That in itself made the game a favourite for me and I haven't even finished it yet.

This is my favourite piece from the soundtrack so far. I just love those lush low cellos. I used to play cello but I stopped and let my flute playing develop more. It's one of my favourite instruments.

Me playing a friends cello when I was 16

That's all sorry guys. I'll write a proper post when I have time. Maybe a photo one of the Lego thing. Being sick sucks, and I just have so much homework to do. Oh well, only like, 10 weeks of school EVER!!!

xxx Lilly

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Me as a feminist

Sorry for the totaly silence of late. I have been reading your posts, but haven't been able to write a scrap of a post until now. The reason has been, apart from the usual year 12 mumbo jumbo, on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week I had the Mid Year concert, which is an annual concert at my school. This one was pretty big for me because I had a solo in our Symphony orchestra (the flute solo in Prokofiev's Montagues and Capulets! see the video) where there's just me playing and the violas playing pretty gilssandos over an octave and some pretty tuned percussion. Pretty nerve racking, but I felt I did well. Also, I was made leader of the woodwind section in the symphony orchestra which was pretty cool. I was also asked to conduct the school string orchestra which, naturally I agreed to. Who wouldn't turn down a fantastic chance like that? Only two year twelves get seleced to do the conducting (One for the string orchestra and one for the 7 and 8 strings) so that was pretty awesome, not to mention scary! I was really freaking out even though both pieces were in two and there weren't really and difficult tempo or dynamic changes. (2/2 and 2/4. It's so strange how a time signiture with less pulses gets more tiring. By the end of it my arm was killing, despite the lack of movement. I think it's that lack of momentum.=D) as well as being in the flute ensemble and in choir. Wow I'm so busy nowadays, but it's music really is my life.

The solo that I played begins at 3:09. This, obviously isn't our recording but it's very similar.
Even before we were performing this, it has been a true favourite of mine. There are so many emotions captured within this piece.

So this has been something that has been kicking around in my brain for the past few years. For a long time I've hung around with many feminist adults and knew that I too agreed with  many things, but... well I never exactly fitted in with that awful 'feminist' stereotype. (Does anyone?) You know the one, A thin, small boobed youngish adult who smokes cigarettes, covers skin and does add in the ocassional 'comment' to a largely male dominated conversation. The awful thing is I do know some people who do fit this description. Then there's the whole bra burning thing...
More specifially I did many things that were potentially looked down on by other hard core feminists. For example, I shave my legs and underams to silky smooth perfection. I wear lots of thick makeup. I pluck my eyebrows. I dye my hair unnaturally. I wear short or potentially 'sexy' clothing i.e fishnets, lace, short skirts and am all too happy to show some boob or thigh in the right outfit. And Hell, no one would EVER see me without a bra on. I'm not as lucky as some who can get away with not wearing one. All of these things are often seen as ways to please some high standard set by the Devil knows who in order to please men and seem more feminine. So... what makes it different for me? Is it even different for me?
I am naturally a pretty 'girly' person. I mean, I love clothes, makeup and dressing up. I like my beauty products and my perfumes. I actually enjoy shopping (on the right day of course). Conversely I also many things that are decidedly not girly- I love my Sci Fi, Horror, Fantasy and general spookiness. I'm a massive Simpsons and Star Wars nerd.

So, for many years I was in this grey area when it came to what I believed in. I knew my morals and values, but I knew that I was unintentionally against many of the things that were 'typical'. Then, once I moved to the beautiful Melbourne that I call home and had decent access to the internet that my veiw was expanded. Musicians, in particular, stood out to me probably because, I'm assuming, I am a musician.
Women such as Amanda Palmer and Emilie Autumn resonate the most with me. Sure, Amanda Palmer doesn't shave her underams, but she does shave her eyebrows and wears lots of makeup. (Did you know that she has many beautiful freckles?)

She also prances around on stage wearing only a bra on top. That's pretty fucking bad ass, if you ask me.

Similarly, Emilie Autumn claims that she is a feminist but has recieved some slag from girls because of some of there more... ahem... provocative photos that have been takern.  I personally disagree with those people for the same reasons that E.A said somewhere... at some stage. Anyway her exact response is now lost to me (and after a good while searching the internet, I really can't find it) but it was along the lines of "I dress this way because I want to. It's not about pleasing anyone else"(I honsetly cannot remember)
 I found this intersting little snippet from the site the F Bomb
"What´s interesting about Emilie Autumn from a feminist perspective is also the way she utilizes her sexuality. Several of the Bloody Crumpets have backgrounds in burlesque and art modeling and Emilie and her Crumpets are often dressed in elaborate yet scanty costumes. But the way they interact with each other is playful and within the context of being subversive, ie girl-on-girl kissing where you get the feeling that the girls in question actually *gasp* like it beyond just titillating the audience. Whatever project Emilie is tackling, you always get the feeling that she is the one in control. You´re just along for the ride."
And hell yes that is exactly what she does, and boy she does it well.

Learning more about women such as these two, plus things like Riot Grrl movement and the like gave me a hell of a lot more to think about. I mean, I am essentially a punk who wears black and lots of makeup (The word Goth may get brought up at some stage soon). The difference between my makeup and other girls is that it's dark, heavy and accentuating. I'm not trying to hide anymore because, finally after 16 years I became comfortable with who I was. I knew that makeup was part of me. I don't care who else see's it becuase I don't wear it for them. This naturally permeates through almost everything else in life, from clothes to music to movies to toys. I do it because I like it. Similarly, I then knew that I would never be a size ten, due to the shape of my skeleton. I'm not fat, but didn't fit that 'skinny pretty girl' thing either. Yet, I am still able to dress up and have fun because I know that I do look good even if it may be a bit 'risque'. I'm awfully average height wise as well, but dressing up with makeup and interesting clothes helps me stand out from the crowd, in the best way possible.

The thing that really got me was the whole shaving of the legs. Why do I do it? I know why I initially did it. It was for a dance concert and I felt so incredibly self concious that I knew I couldn't bear my legs it that state. I was about 12 then, and I've matured and I know that during my early teenage years I had no self confidence what so ever. But things have changed now. I still shaved though, partly out of habit for sure, but I think there's something more than that. I have a boyfriend of nearly two years and he has said that he doesn't care about it. I believe him and am not trying to impress any other men.

I knew that I was shaving because it still made me feel more... empowered. I did it because it makes ME feel good. I do it because I like it. I am not swayed by whatever modern fashions are currently bombarding the pop culture of today, I do my own thing and, thankfully, so do pretty much all of my blog readers.

xxx Lilly

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gothic Formal Hair

This post was requested by the awesome Sary from The Walrus Room asking about the hair I had in my previous post.
Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I bleached out some sections of my hair using specially bought hair bleach, mainly underneath the top layer of hair so most of the colour is hidden when my hair is down. I had 3 week old black dye in, so overall it took about 4 bleach applications, waiting for a day or a week in between, to get a nice, light-ish colour. (Note- You MUST wait in between bleach applications. I have a friend who's hair was fried and broke off because it was over bleached. Also, follow the packet instructions exactly. The chemicals are strong and poisonous. Oh, and if you have dyed black hair, there WILL be an orange stage. You simply have to grin and bear it I'm afraid. My undyed roots went blonde on the first application.)

My bleached hair... yes I had to go to school looking like this...
A few days later, after being a blonde baby for a few days... much to the delight of everyone at school =/, I added some Fudge colour in Blueberry Hill and some Manic Panic in Pillarbox Red to the blonde sections as I pleased. Currently I am mainly purple because it has lasted far longer than the red. (You know those long side burn type sections of hair often seen with deathhawks? Despite my lack of cool undershave, my ones are brilliant purple and look the best.)

Anyway, fast forward to last friday midday, when I was deciding what to do with my hair I decided to touch up the purple, so I mixed in some Fudge in my conditioner bottle. Unfortunately it became more concentrated that I wanted, but it worked well. So, in the shower I wore gloves and applied it as normal conditioner. Once out I scrubbed my scalp with a towel to remove the purple glow... (Just a re-cap; there is colour in the bleached parts of my hair, plus more purple on the unbleached, dyed black sections giving my hair and overall purple glow)

Anyway for the formal I simply sprayed some glitter into my hair, teased the underneath layer and finished with strong hold hair spray. Dead easy.

Please remember that I am not a hair colouring virgin. I've had heaps of experience before, and this was not my first bleaching episode either. It was the most successful though. I hope that this is inspiring and helpful to you.

xxx Lilly

Clothing and Accessories

Last night I intended to write up a post on my mum's computer but after a rather unfortunate incident that involved me dropping my mum's laptop (the same one that has her PhD notes on it!) after my boyfriend dropped a heat pack onto my chest. The computer was fine, but it was rather distressing so that didn't encourage me to use the computer for much longer. None the less I'm attempting to write here at school while researching pictures to use for my Art folio. It's a bit distracting to say the least... becuase research does include reading long articles about my favourite games and Star Wars props do take up time... =)
I also should finish my Literature novel... and prepare for my Methods SAC on Wednesday, I really should.

Anyway, I'm here finishing this post on my mum's laptop (The same one that got dropped!!!)
This post is about Goth accesories and clothes, and why you shouldn't just buy everything you see.

Melbourne is rather infamous for a particular Goth shop named Victorian Gothic, or more commonly just Vic Gothic. The shop has a bit of a reputation of being expensive. I have bought items from there before (Namely hair dye, makeup, a skirt, some boots and an out for my year 12 formal that was on friday night, plus a few other things.)

Me and two amazing girls from my Maths Methods class
So anyway, enough with the outfit. The point about the shop is their range is simply far greater than almost all of the other Goth/ dark alternatuve shops that I've been into. Most of it is branded, 'off the rack' type wear, but there is lots of jewellery, dreadlocks, hats, gloves, shoes, bags ect.
I personally tend to dress in a more minimilist way than those brands, so many of the clothes aren't to my taste, but I really do love some of the cute, pretty and spooky accessories that are sold. I much prefer to buy generic, plain black and grey clothes and spend my money on, suprisingly, accessories to enliven my outfits.

While walking home from symphony orchestra rehearsals today, in the pouring, freezing rain, I remembered to check my school backpack to see if the rain had soaked through. It hadn't, which was a relief but it did concern me that if I had brought my canvas messenger bag, my phone, brand new flute (18th birthday present) and CAS calculator (the $200 one that I need to pass Methods and I cannot afford to buy a new one) would have been ruined. In other words, things wouldn't have been to great overall.
I though of the other bags I owned and my mind crossed to my super sexy, PVC coffin shaped bag. The really brilliant thing about PVC things is that they're waterproof. Sure, it's not exactly the sort of bag I'd bring to school, but I have been in the rain before with it and things were not wet in the slightest.
Simarly, leather and plastic shoes are far more likely to be waterproof than fabric shoes. Conversley (and because I know that it's summer for all of my northen hemisphere readers) clothes and accesories that are appropriate for dry or humid weather need to be carefully chosen. Any year 12 VCE student will remember the GAT that was sat a few days ago. Inside there was a question about fashion. As part of my essay I wrote that many followers of fashion are more likely to buy clothes that are 'in' than ones that are comfortable, flattering or practical. Personally I am only too happy to dress from toe to neck, but I know that there are some who prefer to show some skin, and I feel that many Goths (including myself), who by their nature are not restricted by the 'rules' of fashion, can, and do, wear what they please.
Therefore, I have my own 'rules' that I follow. I did NOT intentionally make a set of rules to follow, but this came naturally to me as I get dressed each day.

Number one- Dress according to the weather. Today, considering my awful 8:15 am class, I dressed simply with stockings, Knee high Docs, a lace mini skirt, grey T shirt and black school hoodie. Despite my more casual clothes, I was still late, but not as much as if I had dressed up more. Walking to school was freezing. So cold that it made me want to go home and get some gloves. On the flip side, sometimes it's freezing in the morning and by lunch time it's 26*c. Melbourne doesn't get as cold as somewhere like Canada, but it is alarming how many people assume that it doesn't get cold in Australia. It really does, I swear!

Number two- Coffins aren't for school. I have more bat and skull accessories than coffins, but they're are lurking in the depths of my lair. I simply don't want to draw any more unwanted attention to myself *Edited* because, frankly I am really really shy and don't have the confidence for them at school. Out in the city it's a different story. Similarly, I will not wear any of my famourly hand ripped stocking, fishnets or anything that may seem too sexual in a school or other professional environment. At school at least, I have a somewhat 'cute, quirky innocent' reputation... =)
Number three- No hoodies with long skirts. Yes the classic casual mixed with luxurious thing. This is something understood by many. I only own one hoodie and that's my year 12 one. It's nice, warm and comfortable so it is good for days like today but it looks silly teemed with long skirts. The same with lace gloves, beaded necklaces or anything else that has an opulent flair. Hoodies are for jeans and miniskirts. That is it. XD

Anyway, completly sorry and a thousand appologies for not being able to post lately. Y'all know the sob story, and don't need to be reminded again.

*Edited again* (P.S Sary, I wanted to reply to your comment, but E.I is being a pain and not letting me post comments, but I can blog fine. x)

xxx Lilly