Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Annual Victorian Gothic Picnic Outfit Post

Here is a small collection of photos taken at the Annual Victorian Gothic Picnic held in Melbourne earlier in this month
This is my first outfit post, simply as I don't have a tripod and only have a crummy point and click digital camera.

Photo by Miserys Malice
Laura the local designer from Petticoats and Gallantry, James and Myself

Photo by Saphron Amethyst Hastie
Me and Seb in the background. I was initially attempting to crack my spine after being in heels and a corset all day; I have realised that the corset makes this almost impossible! But the lady next to me decided to take a photo. =D

Photo by Jemma Sweeney
This was taken just before we were leaving, and was a bit rushed, hence the lock of hair in my eyes. Still, it's cute, and shows off the luxurious coat of James'.

I had a lovely time at this picnic. So far I have attended each of the annual picnics, beginning last year, as well as another smaller picnic event.

Outfit- Dark Muse Corset, Black (Hell Bunny) dress, Target shirt, Hand ripped lace stockings top, Unknown stockings, Shoes from Savers.

xxx Lilly

Monday, December 17, 2012

New Layout

Please let me know what you think of my new layout, and if there is anything that doesn't work!

xxx Lilly

Friday, November 30, 2012

Goths at Folk Festivals 2012 Editions Part 2

What should I bring?

This question may seem a bit odd, or even too obvious, but I can assure you that going to a Folk or 'Hippy' festival (I trust you know what I mean here) is very different from a Goth festival or any other festival really, and can be a really new and different experience for newbies.
(These answers are not directed at Goths specifically, but rather people doing the whole camping thing in general. Specifics will come later.)

The basics...

Most likely, unless you happen to know someone who has room in their house, you will have to camp. This may be entirely off putting for some, but I actually like for short periods of time. Many places don't allow cars or other vehicles close by so your best bet is to go with a good quality tent. Make sure it is waterproof! Also, consider the number of people you'll be sharing a tent with. A two person tent, I believe, fits about 1.5 people and no gear. I'm exaggerating here, but seriously remember to allow adequate room for people to sleep, access their belongings and get changed. A tent that is overly big will be very heavy. You will probably have to lug so gear around to find a campsite that is suitable, so excess baggage is something to avoid! Still, a tent will be your hub, and should be a place for recovery after hitting the bar for too long! =P
You could also opt for a swag if you have one. Sleeping under the stars sounds lovely, but in a crowded area, you could get stepped on! Seriously, there are a lot of odd or unsavoury characters at festivals (just like everywhere else in the world) and leaving yourself outdoors in just a sleeping bag may make you vulnerable.

Other sleeping gear.
A sleeping bag at the very least to protect against the cold night air, but for those who don't enjoy have rocks-in-the-back while getting some shut eye may want to look for a blow up matteress or sleeping mat. Again, this really depends on space, but also your budget. Sleeping mats tend to be no more than a few centimetres of dense foam. This is actually more comfortable that you might expect, but it is still not much padding between you and the hard earth.
A blow up matteress is more pricey but a comfortable option. Just remember to bring the bellows and appropriate fitting nozzles! So many times we have forgoten a nozzle that fitted and just had to improvise (or borrow, but don't rely on that)! Check for leaks too. You don't want to wake up a 5am after a long hard night of getting your dance on to find your matteress completely deflated and you resting on the hard ground. (Another experience of mine!)
Oh and if you like having some neck support, pack a pillow or two. One pillow can be shared between two people (you'll have to get cosy, so maybe considering sharing with a partner or best friend. I'm sure two sisters would be fighting over how much pillow each has!) and this really saves on packing space. If you forget, or decide you don't have adequet plush, you can fill the underneath section or just under neath your pillow with clothes for extra padding. I have done this in the past. It's not so much fun but it does work!

Clothes and Toiletries- I think I'll be doing another post on this, as this can be a Goth-specific area.

Food and cooking utensils.
Honestly, I'm pretty rubbish at this point of the organising process.
It's very important though, if the festival doesn't provide food or you don't want to pay for it; it tends to be a little overpriced and questionable quality. After all, after a few days in the baking sun, possibly surrounded by a water source like a river, things may go sour. Just a warning to be aware.
If you are a vegetarian or vegan, most likely at folk festivals this will be catered for, due to the large percentage of folkies having similar dietary choices. However, if you are gluten intolerant for example, you may want to do your own thing. Also, keep in mind things like Halal or other choices if needed.
Warning! If you are anaphylactic or really allergic to certain foods then you need to contact the festival organisers about this! Of course, I trust you're all very responsible and would do this anyway. =)
Remember something to cook with, ie. heat. This is something that can really be shared if needed to save on packing space, but look for a hot plate or cooktop, or mini stove. Gas is probably the best choice. Or you could use an open outdoors fire, but check the fire regulations first. I live in a serious bushfire area, and open fires that are even secured can be dangerous. Really though, if your going to do any cooking you don't want to forget this!
Of course, you own crummy 2 minute noodles, with no soy sauce, don't look as tempting as a hot cone of stir fried fresh vegetables and noodles, but I would recommened DIY if you have already purchased and lugged the food. Save your coin for other trinkets or clothes at the markets, hot cups of good coffee or chai, or go all out and don't spend a thing. Use this time to be in touch with nature and not so dependant on earthly possessions.

Items for entertainment
Naturally while at a festival the last thing you need is a distraction from the festival itself, but bringing an iPod or .mp3 player with you can help with dealing with the travelling to and from your destination, especially if you are going by public transport. Also, if you are bringing tiny little ones to the festival (many are family friendly), perhaps some small toys would help keep their attention spans in check. (On that note, I appologise but I don't have children of my own so I cannot really comment on their requirements in regards to packing. Please remember to bring everything you need, and check the festival if there are any regulations regarding disposal of nappies ect. More on this later though)

Reacurring themes in this post have been plan ahead and be sensible and organised. If you keep these in mind you should have a smooth, worry free festival. Posts to come are; Appropriate Attire, and the Behaviours of Folkies (including yourself)

xxx Lilly

Friday, November 23, 2012


Hello my sweet followers

In case you haven't already, please check out my Tumblr Lilly Peppermint's Coffin. Currently I have 245 followers on Tumblr, which is insane. That's almost 150 more that I have here on Blogger. I don't know what that means exactly, probably that people either like to look at pictures more than read, or that people appreicate that I post each day on Tumblr, and once or twice a month here. =(

Tumblr is probably the most accurate blog I manage as a reflection of myself, simply because this blog just doesn't get updated nearly enough for people, I believe, to really get an accurate opinion or image of myself. On Tumblr I post or reblog pictures of beauty in all forms. Beauty is of course an opinion. I also post some fan based things that I love, as well as my two favourite dishes; sushi and macarons. And a lot of Lush. It is just a blog of love.
Even though I am an atheist and don't currently have any religion, I post lots of spiritual and/or Wiccan images. This is simply because I find this incredibly beautiful, in case you were wondering. I also post hundreds of outfits, mainly in styles of Goth with aesthetics that are similar to my favourites.
Also just an fyi, at times my Tumblr, like most these days, may be NSFW. I do post fetish, burlesque and kink images occastionally, with maybe a bit of breast. I tend to avoid nudity though. (That's hard to avoid on Tumblr lately) Just so you don't go opening up the page in you family lounge room, using your high school network or while at work. =P

xxx Lilly

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lush Reviews 2012 Part One

Hello everyone.

I thought I'd share some of my opinions on some of the Lush products that I have tried over the past amount of time. I can guarantee that this won't be everything that I have tried recently, as many Lush products are single-use things eg. bath bombs. These are just the ones I can remember or have their remains lying around. Some of these products are samples that were given to me without charge.

Atomic Toothy Tabs
A firm favourite of mine. I have also tried the toothy tabs Dirty and Ultrablast. These two flavours in my opinion are just not very nice tasting and don't work effectively. Atomic is flavoured with clove, coffee and ginger, which is a lovely flavour with not much sweetness. I also don't believe that these shold completely replace a toothpaste with added fluroide. Lush seem to be against added fluroide which is odd. I do agree with their decision to minimise packaging and preservatives, but fluroide is proven to benefit teeth. I think they just don't want to have too many synthetic chemicals listed on the labels. I am just speculating here though. The do smooth the surface of the teeth really nicely, freshen breath well and make a lovely in-mouth feeling (stop laughing). In my opinion these are perfect for the morning brush but probably not so great after a day of eating and drinking.

American Cream
This product was recomended to me by one of the staff members on my local store. I'll admit that the product worked very well for my hair; it was softening and smoothing but didn't leave much unwanted residue. However, I didn't really like the scent ( I can't remember exactly what it was though, vanilla and strawberries or something similar) in liquid form. Shimmy Shimmy uses the same scent, but it is less overpowering in that solid form. Lastly, I bought the smallest bottle of this product, but it was empty in just over a month! Even for a small amount it should have lasted much longer than that; it was too thick. I only apply product to the lengths and ends of my hair, but I have very long and thick hair that is quite dry. I need a fair amount of product to cover my hair properly and evenly. I won't be using this product again.

A limited edition Halloween special, this lily scented product is lovely! It is coloured a soft white with a shimmering lustre. It foams up so well that often I had too much lather than I needed, you only need a tiny amount for a decent wash. I use all my shower gels and most soaps with a shower puff; I don't know how well these products would work on a wash cloth or just in you hand. My guess is that a wash cloth would work fine and long as it didn't become to heavy with the product, in your hand it may just go down the drain as this product has quite a low viscosity. I am pretty sure that this product is still availible in my local Lush storeseven now, but you may find it is sold out near you.
This may seem trivial, but on my bottle, and all of the bottles I have located, there is a simple small typo printed on the front of the label. While the product itself is what I'm reviewing here, I wish that this had been corrected before the product went into production as part of what I'm putting my money towards is a bottle with the word 'Ghost' on it. That's part of the appeal. Currently my bottle is sitting on my bookshelf with my other favourite bottles. Part of Lush's appeal is their lovely names. I want to show off the beautiful name and lable of the product as well!

The Olive Branch
This shower gel seperates into two layers; the oils float over the juice base, and you shake it up before using. The only problem I have had with this lovely product is that it is almost impossible to get a really even amalgamation between the juices and the oils, especially in the first few uses when the pocket of air that does the mixing is smaller (go to your physics lectures if you don't know what I'm talking about here!). The oils are still in the top section more, meaning they come out of the bottle first. I only find this problematic as in the future when I have used up more of the bottle there will be less oil to use. The product, suprisingly considering it contains olive oil, lathers really well and has a claming, unusual yet lovely scent. It is quite thin and tends to run everywhere, so a shower sponge or washcloth is necessary.

Twilight shower gel
This Christmas limited edition has the same perfume as the Lush Bath Bomb of the same name. However, this scent is more strongly lavander and less creamy. The scent is still lovely but not as nice as the bath bomb in my opinion, which is one of my favourite Lush products. This shower gel is a favourite of mine to use at night, due to it's strong calming aroma. It has the perfect gel consistency and foams up in the ideal amount, so there is not much wastage. The colour is described on the bottle to be blue purple, but I think that it is more of a red based purple. It has fine silver glitter suspended through the product, with a large amount of build up at the bottom. I wish this glitter could have been suspended in as well, as it doesn't mix through even with shaking. I also wanted some of the lovely lustre to remain on my skin after rinsing, but this didn't happen. I think I'm in the minority here though. Also I found there was ocassionally a purple tint to the foam. I assume that there was just too much dye in this batch, which was the first of the Australian editions. The product did not stain the skin at all though. The fragrance doesn't linger much on the skin either, which was dissapointing too.

This is a gold shimmering powder that is scented with the Lust perfume. It smells pretty strongly of jasmine, which tends to make me gag, but I find this scent tolerable (only just). The powder is very versatile and can be used as a body highlighter, eyeshadow or hair glitter. I personally prefer to dust this product over my arms and chest if they will be exposed in my outfit and dust it liberally in my hair before combing evenly and styling. The product tends to go all over clothing which initially creates streaks of gold when brushed which looks very messy, however soon these fade into a golden dusting of glitter over my clothes. It's easy to remember to apply the product before putting on the final layers of clothing, but it is still annoying and a bit tedious. Some people may not want any fallout, so unless they use a kabuki brush or similar to apply then this product is not for them.

Breadth of God sold perfume
This is lovely. Just lovely. Fruity notes that are softly smoked; this scent is difficult to describe. Either you will love it or hate it. It is so unique. I chose the solid as it was the most economical at the time of purchase. You need to push the product up from the base to use more. I wish the had developed a mechanism similar to many lip balms, but that would increase the packaging and the cost. I can remember Amy from Juliet's Lace mention in this post that she didn't like having to squish the lid over the product.  I found a solution that works for me. I simply use my wrist where I had applied perfume to carefully squish the product back into the tube. This meant the only a little extra was applied to my wrists with minimal waste overall. The liquid based perfumes have slightly different aromas due to the ingredients and you skin's chemistry but all B.O.G scents are lovely for me. The solid perfume wasn't as strong or intense as I would prefer as I love wearing perfumes. Still it is nice and subtle, which would be perfect for others.

Karma Komba
This is the solid shampoo bar that is scented with Lush's Karma perfume. In it's other incarnations, I actually dislike the fragrance. Yet in this form the scent is fresher and slightly greener. I actually really love it. Apart from the lovely scent, this shampoo is nothing too special. It lathers so much it is easy to wash the hair with. Lasts for ages and is quite moisturising. It is everything I would want in a shampoo. 

It's Raining Men
This is the shower gel equivilant to the best selling soap Honey I Washed The Kids. Personally, the scent is nice, but nothing special. I don't see why it is the best seller. If you don't like the scent or want to avoid using honey then this product is not for you! The product's downfall is the texture. It has the viscosity of honey making it difficult to pour out, however it is so efficiant that you only need a tiny drop! So much of this product has been wasted I've found. Thankfully I've only recieved samples of this product; I won't be spending my money on it. If you were enamoured with the honey scent, I would recomment HIWTK soap.

That is all I'm going to write about for now. I'll do a part two with the rest of my recent Lush tries; there were far too many to put for just one post!

xxx Lilly

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Goth Maintenance

This post was inspired by Sary's post that she finished a few months ago. While I won't be listing my whole routine (of course I wash my hair regularly and face daily!), but these choices are my 'musts'. Not all are particularly spooky, mind you; The title in my opinion refers more to me rather than the routine. =)

Each morning, plus before I shower, even if I'm wearing a shower cap, and before I sleep I brush out all my hair. My hair gets very tangled and knotted during the day from general wind and if I didn't brush it regularly I would be left with a natural dreadlock. Yup, just the one. Not a nice look.

I file, and trim if needed, my nails almost every day becuase I naturaly have awful nails! They feather, tear and split constantly so I cannot ever grow nice long nails. Keeping them smooth helps to avoid any snags and keep them neat. I don't file away much! Just enough to keep them smooth. Lately I've been shaping my nails into claw-like points. However, this hasn't been working as I had planned as my nail points seem to snag on everything!

Each day before going outside I'll apply sunscreen to any exposed skin. Being as pale as I am, I tend to burn easily. Also, I hate tans and want to avoid one as much as possible. I prefer to use a light, oil free moisturiser with added sunscreen on my face and general sunscreen on my body and neck. I tend to choose products with high SPF, and sometimes I choose formulas for sensitive skin, and sweating and rubbing irritate my skin easilly.

I wear eyeliner daily. I've managed to perfect basic liquid eyeliner application to under a minute per eye, so lately I've been choosing a simple flick or winged liner with some simple shadow for uni and everyday. Mascara also is a regular staple for me, but I was blessed with naturally thick doe lashes (Moi? Vain? Perish the thought!) so this sometimes gets skipped entirely.

(Just FYI, I put this post on hold for a few days while I finished up my last exams. Just a few hours ago I finished my last exam for the year, meaning now I am 1/3 of the way through my Bachelor of Music! I really can't believe how tough this year has been, but I have learnt so much and met so many new talanted people. I can't wait for next year. XD)

Lip balms are always on hand for me. I tend to lick my lips a lot, not to mention all of the flute playing I do each day, plus the unpredictable weather we have been experiencing lately, really dries them out. I only really wear lipstick or heavier pigments when going to special ocassions or out clubbing. My favourites currently are by Burts Bees and Palmers. They are just so yummy and mosturising!

Daily I'll groom my brows. This may seem slightly daft, but naturally my eyebrows grow very dark, almost black, and rather full. The darkness makes them seem fuller, so I actually remove most of them by hand using tweezers. They also grow in odd, rather asymetrical shapes so I really have to think about how to pretend that they are slightly controlled. XD I used to be really self concious about how think and noticable they are, but keeping my hair dyed nice and black helps to really balance them out.

I also regularly dye my hair. I have a penchant for all black, but sadly due to the sheer thickness and length of my hair I always need two bottle of dye just to cover it all, and that really makes it a lot more expensive. =( Subsequently, I can only afford it the luxury ocassionally.

 Now I'll go back to my vodka and artifically-sweetened cranberry juice drink for end of year celebrations! XD

xxx Lilly

Monday, October 29, 2012

Goths at Folk Festivals 2012 editions Part 1

Hello dear readers. Sorry for not posting again- I'm now at the beginning of my SWOTVAC week which means that exams are literally next week. I'm no longer able to afford the luxury of wasting time reading blogs and watching YouTube videos until I'm completely finished with my exams. That should be in about 2.5 weeks! So soon! I can't believe how fast my first year of university have flown by! I'm been so busy with assignments, homework and music preparation. If you weren't already aware, I've now completed 1/3 of my Bachelor of Music. Recently I had to choose my major. At the moment I've decided to major in Music Performance, but I may decided to change that if it becomes too demanding- I tend to suffer from jaw problems relating to my flute playing, and so I haven't been physically able to complete enough practice. Also, this year at uni has really opened my eyes to what is required and expected from a professional musician. I've really had to examine and change my music related habits.

Anyway, if you will remember a post or two of mine from way back in 2010 in this blogs humble beginnings, I posted about Goths (me, specifically) and their reaction and interaction with folk festivals. Particularly this post. Now, my writing style has certainly developed since then; some of it just makes me cringe. I'm tempted to go back and edit things, but it's more honest if I just keep it all the same, maybe adding some obvious tangents if I want to.
The festival in question is held every two years, and in a month or two I shall be returning once again this year in the first week of December. While I won't be repeating myself again about the features, this time I shall intend to capture and document the life of a Goth (again, me) at a folk festival, and everything that involves. It's very different to a Goth festival, to say the least. I may also be heading to a few more in the near future, depending on my plans to celebrate the New Year.

Earlier this year, in March about a week after I turned nineteen, I attended the Port Fairy Folk Festival. While I don't remember much about the festival now, something exciting did happen... At 0.25 seconds into this video, you'll see me noodling around on a whistle that was on sale. I was so excited when I found this video. One of my sister's friends had noticed it while browsing through YouTube. This gives you just a glimse of the variety of characters found at folk festivals. Each festival is different, and has it's own mix of interesting music and folks (pardon that pun. I literally didn't even notice until a few mintues after! It is staying though! XD)

I can't believe all of the attention my Tumblr has been receiving lately. I've gained at least 17 follows in the past week alone! Please go and observe my activities there, and if you like what you see then please follow me! XD

More posts on these topics will follow in the near future.

xxx Lilly

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Very Gothic Halloween Part One

This year is essentially the first Halloween I'll be celebrating. Typically, Halloween is not celebrated here in Australia, but from my observations, Goths and fellow fans of the macarbe around town don't want to miss out on an excuse to have some cake, dress up and something extra special to drink. However, I can't help but feel that I'm not alone in my desires to make this Halloween a bit more special, a bit more personal than just tacky, crummy cheap-shop trinkets that have little value. I am a believer in DIY for clothes and decor items by nature, and this is no exception. Creating or modifying something adds a perfonal, memorable touch to something that otherwise would be just a spooky cookie cutter item.

The exceptionally observant beings in my collection of readers may have wondered about my 'Very Gothic' title. My explaination is this; I totally believe that there is a difference between 'normal' (Mundane, if you will) Halloween, Halloween that is suitable for little ones, and Halloween suitable for Goths. While all three are equally valid and appropriate, I think that adding a darker, more luxurious, more personal, adult (I don't mean sexual here, although that does come into things when appropriate. I mean mature and sophisticated) and more romantic touch to the regular Halloween activites and festivities is second nature to Goths. Maybe I'm wrong here, but I don't think so.

What comes to mind is something like this...
Handmade or reconstructed costumes and decorations; items that are not the crappy moulded plastic junk but rather good quality materials; high quality, imacculatly applied makeup.
Less of this, ^^, and more like this...

Of course, many of this attributes or ideals apply to our everyday dress and lifesyle. I think that the difference between Halloween and everyday dress ups is the effort. Not that you don't actually put in any effort before heading out to a club. (I'm known to take a few hours myself... =S) Rather, Halloween is the time to actually wear a costume. Really dress up Of course, make it tasteful, well made and completely 'you'. None of this 'I'll just go as a vampire so I don't have to worry about what to wear' nonsence. =P
Even something made cheaply by hand would be better than something rubbish purchased, as you have the liberty to take as much time and effort as you can to really perfect and polish it. 

While I think that cheaply made type decorations do have a place in our lairs and castles, particularly if your younger or have little younglings aroung the place. I am a sucker for fake black roses, plastic toy bats and cheap brightly coloured clip in hair pieces...
Cutesey, sugary pieces of spooky clothing and decor can really work!

If you're like me then you'll possess the 'Everyday is Halloween' attitude. I certainly do believe that Halloween decorations, drinks (particularly the alcoholic ones!!!) and lollies are completely acceptable year round. (I wouldn't recomend doing the whole costume-thing year round. That would just be tiring, expensive and frankly not always appropriate. Imagine how distracted the rest of the class would be if you were sitting in a lecture wearing a dragon costume!!! XD)
Subsequently, any purchases made at this time of year, when supplies are plentiful, need to be economic. This is important if you're a student like me and are not employed, as you don't want to be wasting money. Consider it something like an investment to last the year out.

Oh, and just FYI, I'm going as a fairy. Complete with hand made fairywings. XD

xxx Lilly

Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Rocks

So about a week ago while randomly looking through some op shops just around my area, I found something amazing. For as little as $20 I found a slightly broken yet still awesome pair of New Rock ankle boots!These shoes would have been at least two or three hundred dollars new, if not even more than that.

The broken part is the upper strap made of rubber instead of leater, meaning the boots still lace up fine. At the moment they're still unwearable only because the straps flap around when I walk! They just need to be cut off, but I think replacing it with a nice thick black satin ribbon is what I'll do. That way they'll have more of a Lilly touch. The boots (well, New Rocks in general) are more industrial, with more hardwear and maybe more of a tomboy aesthetic that what I tend to prefer, but how could I not get them? Apart from the broken strap, they are in good condition and well looked after, but clearly well loved.

Here you can see the broken strap. I think the rubber decays at a faster rather than the leather, as the strap is broken on both shoes.

I also have a habit of taking photos of my drinks. Here I enjoyed a classic gin and tonic.

xxx Lilly

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Film Noir

Earlier in the month I mentioned my preparation of the annual Melbourne Conservatorium ball with a Film Noir theme.
Here is a photo of me and my lovely partner ( ;P) posing on the dancefloor. He may kill me for posting this though...

Photo by Ariel Haviland Photography
I was sporting a pale, almost black and white look with classic makeup. And yes, I am actually that pale. Remember that this was flash photography. I was wearing a lacey dress, a corset by Dark Muse and a simple thin frilly shirt for extra warmth and plain chunky heels. Not particularly period-accurate, but I still believed I had that look of glamour desired.

xxx Lilly

Old Photo Feature

I realised I never shared my blonde hair with my followers. Here is a photo taken late last year while I had very yellow blonde hair. XD This blonde was the result of faded pink hair, but I couldn't really do the weekly dye to keep the pink lasting. Despire my love of hair dye, I am rather lazy. =P

My hair is now dyed all black again, the way I like it. Sadly all of that bleach caused lots of damage. That happens with all bleached hair, so I can hardly complain. I knew what I was getting myself into. However I still have problems with the damage, frequently needing some deep conditioner for my (now very split) lengths and ends. I haven't cut my hair in years, so it's very long but so split. =(

xxx Lilly

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Makeup free

I've worn makeup almost everyday since year 6, when I was twelve. Call me a young bloomer if you want, but that's just how it was. And, no, it wasn't full face makeup, but I did try mascara a school. (Any makeup was a big no- no then)
Last year and this year I've had before school classes that start at 8:15am. I'm NOT a morning person so I really struggle to be proactive in the morning.  I know that my life would be easier if I didn't wear makeup to school but I really cannot bring myself to venture outside the house with nothing on my face. Sometimes it's just a quick smear of eyeliner, but never is there nothing. The only times that I'm without makeup completely is when I'm sleeping or sick.
Searching through my old Facebook albums, I did find a few pictures of me without makeup.

I think the reason why I don't go without makeup is largely to do with confidence. I don't have a hell of a lot of it, and makeup suits me. (Ahaha I'm such a maths nerd. I suddenly wanted to find the three little dots to mean therefore. Ahem.)
Therefore I feel confident wearing makeup.
I also believe that it is largely to do with habit. I've been doing it every morning for so long, it feels like I've missed something when I don't. Some people (including me) feel this way about perfume. I also feel this way about makeup.

(How could I have forgotten about this post until nearly a WHOLE YEAR later???)

Here is a very old photo of me when I was about ten years old!
 xxx Lilly

Friday, September 21, 2012

More Personal Pictures

More spammed pictures for you all to enjoy. I am still experimenting with font sizes, but I think I have sorted things out. Enjoy!

Here is a portion of my perfume and nail varnish collection
A fabulous pair of shoes I found second hand
Sorry for the half assed posts. Hopefully now I'll be able to share more of my personal life with you all, as well as combing my old posts and editing them over the next few weeks. It shall be a difficult task.

 xxx Lilly

This is a Test

Hello my dearies, sorry for the absence of posts. I've been really wanting to write, but I have been too clogged up with assignments at the moment to take the time out to blog without feeling guilty. But now, for the moment all of that has been wrapped up, thankfully.

First of all, I thought I'd simply share a picture of me. At the moment I am trialling a method of watermarking using simply MS paint. I still need to get the sizing right, so please let me know how it looks for you all. XD And, I actually think it is pretty. =P

Please excuse the unpainted wall; it was newly inserted into the wall. This photo was taken in around June before going to the opera with my boyfriend to see the premier of The Barber of Seville. XD

xxx Lilly

Monday, September 10, 2012

Liebster Award

I was tagged by the lovely Laura from Roses and Vellum. Thank you sweetie!

Laura's Questions

1. What book, movie or real life person most influences or inspires you? How?
I shall answer all three independently. The book The Steampunk Bible, which was a gift from my father is an inspiration to me. Steampunk is an aesthetic that I enjoy but rarely incorporate into outfits or my attire. I have been meaning to explore it more and more of late.
The film Chicago influences and inspires me as a performer, dancer and musician. I adore this film and it's setting, music and culture.

The real life person who is my idol and biggest inspiration and influence ever is Voltaire. (surprise surprise!) He is the single most influential being on the planet for me and everything I aspire to achieve my life.
2. What is your favourite wild animal? (Not dog, cat, etc.) and why.

My favourite wild animal at the moment would probably be the jellyfish. I don't understand much of their anatomy, but I find their movement so incredibly soothing and intoxicating to watch. They are so beautiful and deadly.

3. If you had to choose between not sleeping ever again or not using the internet ever again (not even for research, email or assignments) which would you choose?

I could not complete my degree without the internet, so the obvious choice would be to go without sleeping. Provided that tiredness was not an issue, I quite like the idea of not sleeping... XD

4. What is your favourite outfit? Put a picture here or describe it.

My favourite outfit currently would be my Neo-Victorian boots, tights with suspenders underneath a black dress cinched with my new corset. What I wore last night in fact, and received many compliments. (The most surprising and charming comment that wasn't from my boyfriend was a blunt 'But seriously, you're hot' from a rather drunk girl I met, before immediately turning around to continue dancing away from me. Thanks, dear, my ego didn't really need that little boost. XD)

5. What is the best book you ever read and why?

I've read so many books I struggle to choose just one. For now I'll just say the Collected Works of William Shakespeare, for obvious reasons.

6. If you could live in any era  (past and present only) what would it be and why?

Ancient Egypt, preferable sometime late in the Middle Kingdom.

7. Do you have a hobby? What is it? 

Apart from music, which I have chosen to dedicate my whole life to, my hobbies are drawing and writing.
8. Do you prefer skirts or pants?

I like to think that I am allergic to pants. ;)

9. You are given a ticket to go to one city in the world. Which one would it be and why?

Prague, for it's Classical music, dance and beauty.

10. You fall down a hole in the pavement and end up in Wonderland. What do you do?

Think to myself 'Welcome home.'

11. Who is your favourite blogger and why? (I don't expect you to say me :P I am interested in discovering interesting blogs!)

My favourite blogger is Amy from Stripy Tights and Dark Delights as she was the first blog I ever followed, back in this blog's previous incarnation over on Piczo, when I was but a wee baby bat. Amy continues to post interesting, charming posts, and she is the only blogger in existence where I have read every single blog post. =) 

My questions
1. What is your favourite colour? You can only choose one.
2. What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink?
3. What is your favourite alcoholic drink?
4. Who is your fashion inspiration currently?
5. What is your favourite pet? You don't necessarily have owned this animal, but it needs to be possible.
6.  Describe your ideal date.
7. What is your favourite song at the moment? 
8. What is your natural hair colour?
9. What is your most hated pet peeve?
10. Do you collect anything? If so, what is it and for how long have you been collecting? Why did you start to collect this item?
11. What is your most treasured piece of jewellry?

I am not going to tag anyone, becuase I'm lazy. Please tag yourselves and post a comment with a link to your answers.
Enjoy my dears!

xxx Lilly 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Spring Fairy

Spring has arrived here in sunny Australia, and it feels as if it were never cold at all, let alone less than a week ago. I have spent today dressed in a black lacy mini skirt and black singlet, only putting on a casual black and silver striped hoodie when the sun went down. When we set out for coffee and burgers for a late lunch I slipped on a T shirt and pinstriped shirt for modesty.
 The sun is out, flowers are beginning to bloom again and everything has a 'touch of spring'.
Now, I am a Goth who loves her cliches; I don't like the sun and prefer to maintain a ghostly pallor, I love winter and don't handle the heat of summer. I love the concept of snow (something that is rare unless you live in the mountains here).
However, I do like spring weather, because it means that I am not required to wear thick tights and a jumper every time I leave the house. I like the touch of warmth while still being able to wear tights or long sleeves if I choose, as I am not veyr confidant show mass amounts of skin. I feel as if I have more freedom when choosing clothes, as the weather is not quite into the extremes of summer and winter yet.

Not to mention that the weather and abundance of floral in the natural world has certainly but a spring in my step (pun not intended). While I still am my mopey, misanthropic self (something that I hope doesn't come across too obviously on my blog), with moments of sadness and depression like any other human, I've been looking at my life, university work and relationships with more positivety. I tend to be a very negative, cynical person, but I have been making progress to become overall a more positive person.

Oh, and yesterday I ventured to the Illamasqua counter and Kryolan Cosmetics in the city. I've purchased cosmetics from these brands in the past and have been so very pleased with the quality.
I purchased dark green lip gloss from Illamasqua for general lovely club makeup, and White Aquacolour from Kryolan (to be worn with the white Dusting Powder I got a week ago) for my Conservatorium's annual ball to be held next week, with a Film Noir theme this year. Do expect a post regarding that in the near future. I'm intending to recreate a 'black and white' film look, with a splash of colour. XD

xxx Lilly

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Clubbing Advice for Newbies

By Newbies I simply mean people who are new to the dark, scary world of Goth Clubs, nothing more. I consider myself a newbie in this perspective, but I have recently  been going more and more regularly to clubs (for the remainder of this blogpost, when I say 'club' I mean 'Goth Club' specifically, unless stated otherwise, just fyi =D), and have picked up a few little tricks over time. I don't mean that these points must be followed, but they simply are guidelines more or less.
 1. Dress comfortably and sensibly. It would be a good idea to wear clothes that sit well against your frame, don't itch or irritate your skin and you feel you could wear them for extended periods, ie. a few hours at least. Also, take note of the weather and dress appropriately. I personally deteste cloak rooms, but if it is raining or snowing outside then an overcoat might be a necessity. Wear comfortable shoes; with all of that dancing and standing around, rest for you poor feet is something of a luxury, so if you can bare it, leave the spiked heels or too-tight pumps at home. I tend to favour nice witchy shoe or plain upper-calf Docs, but I do tend to favour more of a minimalist style anyway. Also, considering I don't know of clubs that operate during daylight hours, a parasol would be better left at home, which brings me to...

2. Consider minimal accessories. By this I mean avoiding canes, hats that are not pinned to ones' hair or anything else that requires at least one hand's full attention. This may be counter to one's personal style, which I don't want to cramp or invade, but just think about how you will wrangle things. Things can get lost, stolen or broken, and really, you don't want to be having to keep an eye on things when you want to be dancing and relaxing. Further more...

3. Necessary objects. Things that really are required to be brought to a club, e.g. money, house keys, ID, a mobile for meeting friends or emergencies, maybe a spot of makeup, require secure holding. Gentlemen often have things easier here, as pockets that are frequently added to clothing of a more masculine nature can be utilised with ease, however if your clothing has no pockets a bag is then required. I personally favour a small rectangle bag that sits across my shoulder leaving both arms free. It's pretty secure, small and light, and doesn't require removal for dancing as it won't swing out and hit the Rivet-head next to you (a bad idea... XD). Considering investing in a bag that will work for almost every outfit (mine is in black with a red satin and black spiderweb lace.) so there is no fuss.
 4. Don't go out if you don't feel up to it. Headaches, overtiredness, period pains or general sickness can really ruin your night, and while a dose of painkillers may make you feel a little bit better, they are not overly healthy and if you body is telling you to take it easy for a weekend then listen to it! Also, be flexible. If you originally intended to stay out a while but then decided you need to go home early, then just do it rather than pushing yourself too hard unnecessarilly. Trust me here.

5.Respect your friends. If you are going with anyone else (something I recommend for safety) then respect them. If they are feeling less than perky then take them home. If you arrived with them then you should leave with them, especailly if sharing accomodation or transport. It's just respect and common courtesy.

6. Be safe. I could ramble on about the dangers of being out and about at night, but I don't want to scare or bore anyone away, so instead I'll just say remember to stay smart, aware and look out for each other. If you are old enough to go to nightclubs, you are an adult and deserve to be treated as one, so I won't patronise you any further by going into more details, unless that would be appreciated. Let me know. I've certainly had enough experience with creeps to last a life time.
Oh, and by the way, on Friday night I attended a burlesque show at Bohmeia Cabaret Club complete with cabaret, comedy, magic and oh-so-tasteful stripping. Apart from some less-than-charming behaviour from some members of the audience (who were promptly asked to leave the premises) it was truly a fantastic and enjoyable night. I shall certainly be attending future shows there.

xxx Lilly

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Philosophical Adventures

Good evening all. I hope things have been treating you well enough. I've slowly been getting on top of my assignments and uni work, but there's so much, I've barely had the time to relax and draw, let alone continue to publish on my blog!
And, rather than do my usual 'cannot-think-of-anything-to-write-so-post-a-whole-lot-of-other-peoples'-photos'  mentality that I tend to possess on my usual Sunday night writings, I decided to simply write an introduction. Later in the week, when this horrible headache fades and I'm feeling more creative, I'll finish this post, but in the mean time, I'll let things breathe. Please just think that, while you're reading these words, that there was between one and seven days inbetween the phrases, and think about everything that both you and I have achieved or learnt in that amount of time. I'm sure you will suprise yourself, as I will myself.

Goodnight, and 'too be continued...'

 Now Tuesday evening at 10:00pm, not a lot has really happened. It seems strange to be posting now, when I have a headache ever so slightly and feel a little vague; I just had to stop my flute practice half way through as my brother had gone to sleep, but I felt like I was 'in the zone' and now feel slightly flat. Anyway, tonight after my lecture and choir rehearsal I had a lovely glass of mulled wine and some popplers, sorry, I mean fried squid in a gorgeous bar (with red velvet couches!) before heading home.
Last night, however, I saw The Dark Knight Rises for the second time in a theatre with my boyfriend and his friend, and had my first glass of French champagne. I am more partial to red wines, but oh my goodness this drink was nectar from the gods. So delicious and complex. On Friday I shall be attending a burlesque evening, so that shall be very exciting and charming.

Goodnight again, my dear friends. Please share your charming adventures as well in the comments.
xxx Lilly