Monday, August 1, 2011

Outfit and Makeup Inspiration

I'm always looking at pictures for inspiration with my clothes and makeup. It's my dream that one day I'll be wealthy enough to be able to buy whatever I wanted, but nowadays, with my limited funds and everything, money to burn is scarce so I just have to make do with what I've got and customise it to suit. With makeup, many of the looks created can be recreated easilly but the problem lies in really nice technique, colour and fine aesthetic details. Sometimes my eyeshadows are just not pigmented enough, damn it!

Here are some pictures that I am inspired by at the moment.,and,white,corset,hat,fashion,stripes,beautiful-2395637424f8b8283bb00c9cc855633e_h_large.jpg?1311396541
Since when does one NOT love stripes?
 I love the beautiful silken false lashes. Soft, light and dreamy makeup can be Goth, really it can! It works well here contrasted with deep red, glossy lips.
No matter what, to me Angelica Huston will ALWAYS be THE Morticia Addams. I love her 'classic glamour' look combined with the delicious morbidity of Morticia. Blood red lips and dark, contouring eye makeup, my dears. She will always be an inspiration to me. This, in case you're wondering, is from The Addams Family Values, which is my favourite. I still enjoy the first one, but I saw this one when I was about six or seven and it's such a big part of my childhood. The TV show is good too, but I haven't watched it as much.
 Razor Candi looking amazing. I must admit that I've been getting more into Deathrock, Post punk and 'Trad Goth' music of late, and my clothing choices have reflected that. I love her strong lip and cheek makeup the most. I wish I had her bone structure to pull it off as well as she does... *sigh*

There are hundreds of fantastic photo on the internet. Inspiration is at your fingertips. Please share with me any photos or people who inspire your current outfits.

xxx Lilly

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