Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 3

Day 3 – When did you come out the Goth closet?

I've always felt that I identified with the Goth culture long before I actually considered myself Goth. I felt that I had 'crossed over' so to speak at around fifteen, but it could have been earlier than that. It wasn't until I was nearly seventeen that I actually said, 'yes I consider myself a Goth' when people enquired. Partly because I didn't have the self confidence to admit that I associated with a subculture that, for the most part, was view as dark, evil and dangerous by the mainstream, but as I got older I discovered the confidence to no longer let that bother me, and I hope that people around me don't associate Goth with all those bad, untrue things.

(P.S this post has been written in between playing Legacy of Kain- Defiance. I like the game, but due to poor game mechanics resulting in all sorts of faults, it is SO FRUSTRATING at times. Grrrrr

2010 taken by me

2010 Taken by me
xxx Lilly

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  1. Wow! I think this captures a magical ethereal feeling. It's the sort of image that floats around in my mind when I write my short stories. absolutely lovely.