Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 9

Day 9 – What genre of music do you dislike?

There are actually quite a few genres of music that I really really dislike.
Probably the genre that I like the least would be funk, followed by reggae. Soul would be in there too, as well as rap. urban, disco and pop- punk. I'm also not a fan of most Country music, particularly that found in Australia. (Random fact: Lee Kernaghan's cousin was my piano teacher for quite a few years!)
However, there are a few songs on Voltaire's country album that made me question my opinion on country music. Namely The Churchyard and When You're Dead.

I'm also not much of a fan of really bleepy synth pop, although there are some exceptions.
The most interesting one would be Jazz. For many years I wanted to be a professional jazz pianist. The only problem is that the only styles of jazz that I could really get into Dixieland/ New Orleans and Big Band. In other words, what those wanky jazz fans consider to be 'cliche'.
So now I really don't like jazz in general.

For a musician, I know that there are plenty of styles that I don't like at all, but rather than dwell on that and attempt to change it by listening to music that I don't want to, I simply prefer to listen and perform what I love, because I love it.

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  1. Thank Robert Smith/God you don't like reggae, I thought I was the only one!