Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cyber with a Drop of Pastel

Normally when one thinks of Pastel Goth images come to mind of wanky pseudo Goth dressing that is similar to Soft Grunge. I'm sure you can tell from my previous sentence that I'm honestly not too enamoured with those particular styles.
However, I have discovered a beautiful photo of a style that actually represents the words Pastel and Goth. Pastel Cybergoth!!!

Isn't she cute? I think this is a really interesting combination of cyber aesthetics and pale colours. I adore that icy blue eye make up. It's refreshing to see a proper application of the term Pastel when referring to Goth! XD

xxx Lilly

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cruelty-Free Beauty

Hello my Freaky Darlings

Here's a secret for you all. Slowly, as I refuse to waste perfectly good products, I am trying to convert my beauty, skincare and cosmetic routines into Cruelty-Free products exclusively. I have often used products that were cruelty free, but I didn't really become aware of the impact of not using cruelty free products meant for my fellow animals until recently. Now I am trying to purchase my new products cruelty free, and even better vegetarian products. (Ethically I still have some mental work ahead of me in regards to whether I want to cut carmine from my cosmetics and other similar issues.)
Disclaimer: I am not a vegetarian as I eat fowl and shellfish currently.
It's going to take time because, as I'm sure I've mentioned on this blog in the past, I have extremely sensitive and dry skin and am often allergic to products that contain ingredients such as salts, cheap fragrance, SLS and ethanol.
So far much of my routine is comprised of Lush, Kryolan, Palmers, Illamasqua and ELF products. XD

Oh, and This delightfully dark blog is my new favourite Tumblr. Please enjoy!
xxx Lilly