Sunday, March 31, 2013

Emilie Autumn and Green Hair

Greetings, mortals!
A brief catch up? Well, uni is going well, on Monday I'll be in my second week of 2nd year, and beginning my private lessons on flute as well. Things have certainly been getting busy!
Oh, and, did you notice? I'm twenty now! Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! XD
Now it's time to celebrate my Un-Birthday!

So what's been happening in my rather uninteresting life?

(A month later when I remember that this post was unpublished)

We earlier I dyed the side parts of my hair green! I used Stargazer product. (Review may be in the start...)
Also, I purchased my first ever piece of clothing from the wonderful Australian brand Gallery Serpentine! A pair of adorable bloomers! XD

And just on Friday night I saw Emilie Autumn and the Bloody Crumpets live! =D The show was amazing. I could be more critical of her show (remember I am a classically trained musician and a dancer so I am very aware of what goes on on stage!) but I think that can wait. I purchased a poster of Captain Maggot (Signed) and EA's Fight Like a Girl CD.

So actually things have been quite busy for me lately. Moar posts soon!

Now I'm enjoying my token 70% cocoa chocolate mini eggs for Easter. I tend to not care much about Easter but good quality chocolate is always appreciated.

xxx Lilly

My Relationship with Lush

If you've spent any time around me, both online and in Real Life, you would know that I'm a fan of Lush. Ok, maybe 'Fan' isn't the best word to use. I'd even be tempted to use the word Lushie.  But I don't like that word so much as it tends to mean 'loves all of Lush and doesn't hate a single product', and for me that's not the case. I think it would be fair to say that now I have a love/hate relationship with Lush.

So I discovered Lush around 5 years ago. That's not all that long ago I know, but please remember that I lived in a small, remote country town for 12 years and didn't get to the city often.

The first product I purchased was Goth Juice, now discontinued. I still adore this lovely purple pot of moss-scented goodness. I recently had to turf the dregs of my 2nd last pot that had expired and turned gray, so now I am using up my last ever pot.

Since then I've spend hundreds of dollars on their products, often purchasing something once or twice a week. This is a problem for someone like me who is a full time student and doesn't work.

Also, I'm not totally sold on some of the ingredients used in Lush. I recently became aware that they use parabens in their products, and have only recently been changing their recipes to limit plastic glitter that ends up in the oceans.

As of sometime in February this was my collection, not including any empties or dregs of products. Naturally my collection of Lush has expanded considerable since this photo was taken. Also please note that some of these products are samples. Some of my additions since then include Dark Angels, 9 to 5, Shimmy Shimmy, The Godmother, Breath of God Toothy Tabs and Charity Pot.

The Bath Bombs wrapped are Phoenix Rising and So White.

I've became aware that I really need to stop wasting my money on cosmetics from Lush and start saving my money for other more valuable things. Hopefully this blog post will have helped me with my addiction to Lush.

Please share your cosmetic stories!

xxx Lilly

Saturday, March 2, 2013

E.L.F 144 Palette

So, for Christmas/holiday season my lovely mother dearest purchased for me the ELF 144 piece Ultimate Eye Shadow Palette that can be found here.

This palette is amazing! There is a range of matte, sheer and glittery hues and almost a full spectrum of colour.
Already I've been using the blacks (obviously), the purples/plums and the neutrals a lot and experimenting with the reds and greens. There are a few unwearable shades in this palette, but I believe that they can all be used to creative character works or something like that. My biggest complaint about this palette is that it is so large it is not really portable, but honestly that's not really a complaint, more of a comment. I only use these shadows with the ELF eye primers, but some of the colours are not really pigmented enough for my liking.

Note: the flash doesn't accurately capture the colours. =)

xxx Lilly