Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Voltaire and Cellos

I have been plagued with a rather nasty case of tonsillitis, a head cold and something that has made me throw up and am just on the tail end of it all, so really haven't been able to do anything much except shiver under my doona for the last three days. I did see Pirates of the Caribbean IV last night and The Art of The Brick earlier this afternoon so I haven't entirely missed out, but I'm not looking forward to that massive pile of year 12 holiday homework that's waiting for me when I am 100%. I'm going to be adding to this post in short chunks so it seems so it may take a while. I must watch Donnie Darko again with my mum sometime soon, too...

Oh yeah, everyone should go and head over to Voltaire's website now and listen to the sneak peek of one of his new songs on his new album. I have to say I'm very excited by what I hear. Drums are by Brian Viglione of The Dresden Dolls, Cello is by Melora from Rasputina, the bassist is David J. from Bauhaus and the horns are from the Red Hook Ramblers for goodness sake! All are great musicians and from that short little excerpt it sounds HOT! And probably not the sort of music you'd show your mother XD

Oh and I recently purchased the game Alice: Madness Returns for PC. Unfortunately it has to run on my sister's laptop as every other one isn't powerful enough to run it properly. I wrote about the game earlier in the year and you can read that here. The score is just amazing and the art is fantastic. That in itself made the game a favourite for me and I haven't even finished it yet.

This is my favourite piece from the soundtrack so far. I just love those lush low cellos. I used to play cello but I stopped and let my flute playing develop more. It's one of my favourite instruments.

Me playing a friends cello when I was 16

That's all sorry guys. I'll write a proper post when I have time. Maybe a photo one of the Lego thing. Being sick sucks, and I just have so much homework to do. Oh well, only like, 10 weeks of school EVER!!!

xxx Lilly