Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gothic Formal Hair

This post was requested by the awesome Sary from The Walrus Room asking about the hair I had in my previous post.
Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I bleached out some sections of my hair using specially bought hair bleach, mainly underneath the top layer of hair so most of the colour is hidden when my hair is down. I had 3 week old black dye in, so overall it took about 4 bleach applications, waiting for a day or a week in between, to get a nice, light-ish colour. (Note- You MUST wait in between bleach applications. I have a friend who's hair was fried and broke off because it was over bleached. Also, follow the packet instructions exactly. The chemicals are strong and poisonous. Oh, and if you have dyed black hair, there WILL be an orange stage. You simply have to grin and bear it I'm afraid. My undyed roots went blonde on the first application.)

My bleached hair... yes I had to go to school looking like this...
A few days later, after being a blonde baby for a few days... much to the delight of everyone at school =/, I added some Fudge colour in Blueberry Hill and some Manic Panic in Pillarbox Red to the blonde sections as I pleased. Currently I am mainly purple because it has lasted far longer than the red. (You know those long side burn type sections of hair often seen with deathhawks? Despite my lack of cool undershave, my ones are brilliant purple and look the best.)

Anyway, fast forward to last friday midday, when I was deciding what to do with my hair I decided to touch up the purple, so I mixed in some Fudge in my conditioner bottle. Unfortunately it became more concentrated that I wanted, but it worked well. So, in the shower I wore gloves and applied it as normal conditioner. Once out I scrubbed my scalp with a towel to remove the purple glow... (Just a re-cap; there is colour in the bleached parts of my hair, plus more purple on the unbleached, dyed black sections giving my hair and overall purple glow)

Anyway for the formal I simply sprayed some glitter into my hair, teased the underneath layer and finished with strong hold hair spray. Dead easy.

Please remember that I am not a hair colouring virgin. I've had heaps of experience before, and this was not my first bleaching episode either. It was the most successful though. I hope that this is inspiring and helpful to you.

xxx Lilly


  1. This IS inspiring towards me since for a while I've been considering bleaching and dying the underside of my hair. :D

  2. Wow, your very brave to do this. I'm always worried about messing up and coming out with the wrong hair colour 8l
    I'm looking around right now for inspiration and this was definitely inspiring. Thanks :)

  3. Glad you liked it. I hope that soon Google will sort itself out and I'll be able post some proper pictures.