Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Clothing and Accessories

Last night I intended to write up a post on my mum's computer but after a rather unfortunate incident that involved me dropping my mum's laptop (the same one that has her PhD notes on it!) after my boyfriend dropped a heat pack onto my chest. The computer was fine, but it was rather distressing so that didn't encourage me to use the computer for much longer. None the less I'm attempting to write here at school while researching pictures to use for my Art folio. It's a bit distracting to say the least... becuase research does include reading long articles about my favourite games and Star Wars props do take up time... =)
I also should finish my Literature novel... and prepare for my Methods SAC on Wednesday, I really should.

Anyway, I'm here finishing this post on my mum's laptop (The same one that got dropped!!!)
This post is about Goth accesories and clothes, and why you shouldn't just buy everything you see.

Melbourne is rather infamous for a particular Goth shop named Victorian Gothic, or more commonly just Vic Gothic. The shop has a bit of a reputation of being expensive. I have bought items from there before (Namely hair dye, makeup, a skirt, some boots and an out for my year 12 formal that was on friday night, plus a few other things.)

Me and two amazing girls from my Maths Methods class
So anyway, enough with the outfit. The point about the shop is their range is simply far greater than almost all of the other Goth/ dark alternatuve shops that I've been into. Most of it is branded, 'off the rack' type wear, but there is lots of jewellery, dreadlocks, hats, gloves, shoes, bags ect.
I personally tend to dress in a more minimilist way than those brands, so many of the clothes aren't to my taste, but I really do love some of the cute, pretty and spooky accessories that are sold. I much prefer to buy generic, plain black and grey clothes and spend my money on, suprisingly, accessories to enliven my outfits.

While walking home from symphony orchestra rehearsals today, in the pouring, freezing rain, I remembered to check my school backpack to see if the rain had soaked through. It hadn't, which was a relief but it did concern me that if I had brought my canvas messenger bag, my phone, brand new flute (18th birthday present) and CAS calculator (the $200 one that I need to pass Methods and I cannot afford to buy a new one) would have been ruined. In other words, things wouldn't have been to great overall.
I though of the other bags I owned and my mind crossed to my super sexy, PVC coffin shaped bag. The really brilliant thing about PVC things is that they're waterproof. Sure, it's not exactly the sort of bag I'd bring to school, but I have been in the rain before with it and things were not wet in the slightest.
Simarly, leather and plastic shoes are far more likely to be waterproof than fabric shoes. Conversley (and because I know that it's summer for all of my northen hemisphere readers) clothes and accesories that are appropriate for dry or humid weather need to be carefully chosen. Any year 12 VCE student will remember the GAT that was sat a few days ago. Inside there was a question about fashion. As part of my essay I wrote that many followers of fashion are more likely to buy clothes that are 'in' than ones that are comfortable, flattering or practical. Personally I am only too happy to dress from toe to neck, but I know that there are some who prefer to show some skin, and I feel that many Goths (including myself), who by their nature are not restricted by the 'rules' of fashion, can, and do, wear what they please.
Therefore, I have my own 'rules' that I follow. I did NOT intentionally make a set of rules to follow, but this came naturally to me as I get dressed each day.

Number one- Dress according to the weather. Today, considering my awful 8:15 am class, I dressed simply with stockings, Knee high Docs, a lace mini skirt, grey T shirt and black school hoodie. Despite my more casual clothes, I was still late, but not as much as if I had dressed up more. Walking to school was freezing. So cold that it made me want to go home and get some gloves. On the flip side, sometimes it's freezing in the morning and by lunch time it's 26*c. Melbourne doesn't get as cold as somewhere like Canada, but it is alarming how many people assume that it doesn't get cold in Australia. It really does, I swear!

Number two- Coffins aren't for school. I have more bat and skull accessories than coffins, but they're are lurking in the depths of my lair. I simply don't want to draw any more unwanted attention to myself *Edited* because, frankly I am really really shy and don't have the confidence for them at school. Out in the city it's a different story. Similarly, I will not wear any of my famourly hand ripped stocking, fishnets or anything that may seem too sexual in a school or other professional environment. At school at least, I have a somewhat 'cute, quirky innocent' reputation... =)
Number three- No hoodies with long skirts. Yes the classic casual mixed with luxurious thing. This is something understood by many. I only own one hoodie and that's my year 12 one. It's nice, warm and comfortable so it is good for days like today but it looks silly teemed with long skirts. The same with lace gloves, beaded necklaces or anything else that has an opulent flair. Hoodies are for jeans and miniskirts. That is it. XD

Anyway, completly sorry and a thousand appologies for not being able to post lately. Y'all know the sob story, and don't need to be reminded again.

*Edited again* (P.S Sary, I wanted to reply to your comment, but E.I is being a pain and not letting me post comments, but I can blog fine. x)

xxx Lilly


  1. Firstly, I LOVELOVELOVE your hair in that photo. You must post about how you achieved that.

    Secondly, I, personally, wear my coffin bag to school and actually get quite a lot of complements. As for fishnets, not so much.

    Thirdly, I'm not enjoying the cold weather either. D:

  2. I think we have a lot in common regarding clothing.

    Dresses? Nope. Fishnets? Not yet. I don't really have that much accessories, but the ones I do have aren't typically wanted at school (blunt spiked dog collars STILL scare staff) so I usually personalize my outfits by tailoring, adding messages, adding designs or other bits and pieces.

    I dress usually for comfort more than style, but you can still catch me wearing Gothy gear on bike rides!

  3. @Sary, hair post is now up!!!
    And I edited the blog section to make it more accurate. I wish I had your self confidence... =(
    Thirdly, I really do love the colder weather but
    I don't cope well when I'm cold. So if I'm rugged up, it's all good!!!

    @Tenebris, I do agree. I'd probably wear simple dresses if I had any, but mine are far too dressy and not suitable. Spiked wristbands are ok if they're not too sharp, but any choker type thing isn't nice for school.
    Personalising clothing really is the way to go for me too, but my DIY adventures often lead to a harder more 'deathrock' looking style which isn't the best for a school look.

    I once wore Demonia platforms to an outdoor hippy festival in the rain. Mud doesn't agree with platforms.... =D

  4. I wear both my coffin bag and fishnets to school. Fishnets are not sexual. I like to remind people who say that they are, that the Queen owns fishnet stockings. That usually shuts them up. But I don't really differentiate between "school me" and "outside world me". I also don't really go to school now. :D People really love my coffin bag and my coffin pencil case - you really would be surprised. A lot of people are utterly stunned by bravery and will telly ou they admire you. Give it a go, and if I'm wrong, I will personally gut people for you!

  5. It's a shame because people seem to think they're sexual like garters. =(
    I'll bring my coffin bag to school on a day when I don't have much homework, and I'll take a photo.
    Thanks for being positive about this everyone!

  6. GAH

    Garters aren't sexual either! Why do people think this?! D:< THEY ARE HOLDING MY DIGNITY TOGETHER


  7. Garters (the pretty, adorned ones. Not the practical ones designed purely to hold up socks and tights) to me ARE sexual. During the turn of the century, men would go to nightclubs like the Moulin Rouge to 'get a glimse of a garter' on the can can dancers. Essentially it was like looking at forbidden territory. A similar thing applies now. If someone can see your garters in the middle of the in public then clearly something is missing. On stage, dress ups and club wear are a different story, but yes I do feel slightly sick at the sight of a girl's leg a few centimetres below her crotch. Too Much Information could be appropriate here... =)