Thursday, December 1, 2011


Everyone who's read my blog or follows me on Twitter will know that I love the work by Amerian McGee. In particular, his creations Alice and Alice: Madness Returns.

In honour of his work, and as an entry to Audfaced's current makeup contest I created a look inspired by the Cheshire Cat from both games.

Here you can see my entry. It is my first published YouTube video, so it's rather rusty and unpolished... but, hey, making videos is a learning experience, so I can only improve from here.

I should mention that I did compose the music for the video. More details are provided in the video decription, but the piece was composed in 2009 or 2010... perhaps even in 2008. I don't remember eactly, but I chose it because it was the right length. XD
In case you're interested, here is the promotional video published by Audfaced.

xxx Lilly


  1. Very nice work... I had never heard of Amerian McGee before but love it. Will check him out, thank you!
    Your makeup looks wonderful and the music... did you use a harpiscord for it? Fitted in beautifully. Nice! x

  2. Demon Lily- Yes I did. The instrumentation is violin, treble recorder, harpsichord, trombone, tubular bells, double bass and tambourine. All of the sounds are computer generated AND re-recorded through the air so it sounds well... less than fantastic but it was all I could do. I can only play most of those instruments (not trombone)so I couldn't record it live. I was inspired my a medieval castle setting while writing this, and tried to create three contrasting themes.
    xxx Lilly