Saturday, November 27, 2010

Goths at Folk Festivals

This is a potentially irrelevant subject for some Goths because they wouldn't dream of going to a Folk Festival (There's an awful lot of tie-dye). There are some, however, who do occasionally embrace the happy hippies and folkies for a week or so. I've been to many in my life. Quite a  few of the festivals I've attended have been when I didn't really realise that I was a Goth (More on this later. XD Of course I wasn't a Goth when I was a child...) and I have seen others around. Arguably, a particular festival would have been one of my first encounters with a Goth (which is different to being exposed to the Goth subculture which happened many years before) and I believe that that is a rather notable event in a Goth's life.
So, how does a Goth survive at an event where there is a focus on merrymaking and folk music?
It's not particularly easy. The music performed is mainly Folk, but there is also other styles. It depends on the festival in question, but from my experience I have witnessed World, Country, Old Time, Blues, Roots, Jazz, Ska, Latin and some crossover.
In other words, nothing that would be considered Goth, unless you are lucky and there is some Dark Cabaret or similar. Luck is involved here. Not that that necessarily means that there will be no music that there would be no music that appeals to Goths. Not in the slightest. But it does mean that there may be some music that may be unusual or not to your tastes. Here, there are two basic options that you can chose from. One would be to sit through and listen to some music that your may not be enamored with entirely. Or you could enjoy other aspects of the festival culture. There are many other aspects of folk festivals that make them unique from other festivals. However, please remember that in this regard I can only report on personal experience and every festival is different.
In regard to attire I really must emphasise that there is absolutely no reason why you should abandon your spooky attire and switch to fisherman's pants and leather head bands. Actually, consider a festival as a chance to really dress up. You wont regret it. Also on this note, remember to consider the weather, and bring lots of clothes as washing is nearly impossible. Some festivals may also have a reaccuring theme each year, such a circus, cabaret or dancing. Learn as much as you can at the workshops and such available. It will be highly benificial overall.
In regard to general politeness, the folkies are not that different to other people, so just be yourself. However, use your discretion because there are some incredibly sleazy old men at folk festivals who are disgusting and have no sense of decorum. If there is some dress up party, please remember that you don't have to look sexy to have fun, and there may be some unwanted attention from old men who are desperate. I'm talking from experience here. When I was fifteen, I, quite literally, was asked for sex by strange men over the age of forty about five times... EW!!!!!!!!!

I sincerly hope that everyone enjoys their festival season and enjoys themselves!

xxx Lilly
Listening to the Prince Caspian movie with my mum and brother XD

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Diversity in Music

I've noticed that there seems to be a fair amount of negativity towards Goths who also actually listen to music that isn't Goth. This is absoutly crazy and insane.
As a musician I understand the huge benefits of listening to a broard and diverse range of music. That doesn't however explain why some people, including Goths, believe that a person is 'not Goth' becuase they for example also listen to metal.
This happened to me about three months ago. I was in one of the numerous Gothy stores in Melbourne. (Peril Underground, which would potentially be more of a Punk store, but had some delicious Victorian and Steampunk pieces of clothing. Yum. The store is also a music and apparall store and a tattoo parlour.) Anyway, I bourght the Voltaire CD Then and Again. There was an older Goth (I'm not sure if she was an Elder Goth or just a fair bit older than me) who was paying for her CD. "Voltaire?" She raises her eyebrows at me and looks as if I was wearing kahki green cargo pants and a bright yellow T shirt. "Yeah." I reply in my quite voice. *Another Tangent* The store in question was in fact the store that Voltaire performed in August, which I was incredibly lucky to see. XD. The store owner obviously had something to do with the guy as a result.*
"Did you see him perform?" Asked the owner.
"Um, I saw him down here was my reply."
And then all of a sudden the woman was like "Oh yeah he's such a good entertainer."
Well, I was confused. I had thought that the lady was critisising my taste because Voltaire was "Not as Goth" as her superior taste in music. (which is absolutly ridiculous, if you ask me)
I left the shop with two conclusions. One: I had simply misread her expression and she was just making conversation. Or Two: She has a mild case of Gothier than Thou and she felt that I didn't deserve to be in her deep dark presence...
But the main point of the story is that it is really imporant to appreciate different styles of music, and to not judge someone because of their tastes. I'm fully awear that Goth is what it is because of the music, but that will not stop me from listening to bands like Rapskallion, or Nightwish, Tom Waites, or even bands like The Cat Empire, which I do listen to. I am a classical musician so it is understandable that I would not be in the stage I am now without listening to a Hell of a lot of 'Classical music'.
I still regard classical music as one of my favourite styles of music of all time. Particularly Classical (as in the period), and Romantic music. There will also always be space in my soul for Celtic music, because that was my introduction to music performance (about ten years ago when I was seven...)
And jazz. Yes, Jazz. I used to want to be a professional Jazz pianist, a few years ago. I don't anymore.
And I love my Industrial. Love Love Love!!!

In a nutshell, for God's sake please do not judge a person on their music preferences, regardless of whether you believe that music is a defining part of whatever group they belong to or not. There are x number of music styles and sounds, so it would be almost impossible for another individual to have the same tastes as you. Also, it is important to have a broad and varied apprecation for music because everything you listen to enhances your ability to understand and enjoy more music.

Wow, that was quite an effort for 10am on a Sunday...

xxxx Lilly
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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Well, I'm very happy,  because my Polyvore set featuring a Living Dead Doll has won a conpetition. Well, ninth place out of 228 entries! =)
Here is my set.

Oh, and here is my Polyvore profile. Feel free to add me as a contact and I will return the favour.

That's it for now as I have to go and get ready for a Literature exam!

xxx Lilly Listening to Emilie Autumn- Across the Sky

Friday, November 12, 2010


So today is my seventh grade flute exam... =( Needless to say I am really not looking forward to it, but I will be very relieved when it's over. It's also almost completely solo, with only one sonata with piano, so there is alot of pressure...
There is good news though. Yesterday I finished year 11. That means that after exams on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week I will never have to wear school uniform again!!!

On another note, here is my Tumblr. If you also have Tumblr, please follow me and I will return the favour. (VW...)
Oh, and my music myspace page. I hardly ever use it and all the songs are .mid, converted to mp3 so theu sound awful!!! However, go and have a listen anyway. =)
I'm considering re-colouring my hair. Again. It never stays black for longer than a few months, and I generally spend my money on CD's... so, yes, my hair is currently a shade of chocolate brown... I'm interested in bleaching a section and doing a Manic Panic type thing to it... but that's just a thought...

And... not much else. I'll write something more substantial soon.

xxxx Lilly
Listening to Amanda Palma- Guitar Hero

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Being Perky

Ah I've been lazy with this blog. Piczo is broken, again. So I've decided to try again here.

But anyway... on with the show!

Being a Perky Goth.
Without explaining every single element of my personality, I do believe that I encompass many elements of a Perky Goth. This is a good thing for some things. It means that I don't have to freak out every time I laugh at something funny (That does not happen often) for fear of smiling and seeming happy. It means I can  exclaim with glee at pretty coffin shaped beds and cheesy skull necklaces.
However, it does have it's downsides. Whenever I see an Elder Goth who is entirely dressed on black with a sour expression, I freak out that they will think I'm some crappy Emo because I wear printed T shirts. This is because I really REALLY hate being called Emo. It's just something that has always bugged me.
Also, I don't encompass the idea of having heaps of energy and liking pink. I prefer black. I guess that I am simply human like the rest of the population, but none the less I think that my feelings of up an down are more exaggerated than the normal person.

Listening to Creature Feature- Such Horrible Things

xxxxx Lilly