Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 13 and 14

Sorry for my silence of late. I've ad trouble getting access to a laptop lately and am currently writing on a school one with six keys removed. Not exactly the most ideal circumstances to be writing in...

Day 13- What was your first band T shirt?

In all honesty, I bought my first band T shirt only a few weeks ago. It is a Christian Death T shirt in black, obviously, with their name and logo printed in silver on the front. I am a big fan of the band and in August last year the did a show in Melbourne wit Ikon and Voltaire as the supporting bands. As you could imagine, I was devestated that I missed the show because I was 17 at that time, but I did get to meet Voltaire in Peril (ironically, where I bought the T shirt) and got a hug and a signed CD so it wasn't al bad.

Day 14- What was your best and worst DIY experience?

I once had to hand sew a skirt that I wanted to wear to school tat day. It is one of my favourites and the one I'm wearing at the moment. Anyway, I went to the movies with my dad and my brother after school that day and a serparate part of the skirt was loose and trailing behind me the entire time!!! (Yesterday I simply hacked off the trail with a pair of scissors.  Not very professional...)

I had a delicious tiered lace skirt that tore around the tiers. Clearly the lace and material was too heavy for the upper layers to hold. Last year I reconstructed the skirt into a different skirt with a raised front section akin to something I saw on the Heavy Red website.

This was at a Rocky Horror party!!!

xxx Lilly