Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 7

Day 7 – Ten of your favourite goth bands.

Acid Bats- I've only recently gotten into this band, but I'm enjoying them so far

I love the vocals. My my my, Donna Lynch can SING!!!

The Sisters are my favourite Trad Goth band. I could easilly add many more songs here...

This song has been a true favourite of mine for years.

Hot as hell, and they're originally from Sydney!!!

This is my favourite CXS song, but I love so many of theres, and this video is so awesome!

Really cannot express my love for this band

I love all of Rufus Rex/ Creature Feature 's music. They should ALL be here!!!

Again, only a few song's of her's that I don't like. The synths are so haunting...

How could there be a favourite's list of mine without mentioning this guy? So much love!!! This is my favourite song ever.

xxx Lilly

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