Saturday, October 15, 2011

Things to do after Year 12

Life as I used to enjoy it has recently come to an almost stand still, due to Year 12. Lately I haven't been able to spend hours writing blog posts, watching TV shows and playing games until 3am, or spend my time composing music as I love to do, simply because of the amount of school work, study and practice that has been required of me. I do push myself academically, and that doesn't improve the situation. Rather, it results in unreasonable expectations, and the feelings of failure when I don't succeed where I want to.
But, VTAC applications are in (except for that supplementary form that I forgot... ) and in exactly one month from tomorrow I will be sitting my last exam for school. Ever. Scary stuff to say the least.
Next weekend is my solo flute exam, which requires a 25 minute solo performance with pieces that meet a variety of criteria. Overall I do feel comfortable with my performance, however there is one piece I am studying that is AMus standard that is... well technically challenging to say the least. Highly atonal with rapid ascending passages in the upper register, combined with quaver triplets over crotchet triples in the piano, with... you get the idea. It's undoubtably the hardest piece I've ever studied on any instrument.

Year 12, and I'm guessing most senior high school years across the world, are demanding and very stressful. I am living on the notion that I only have one week of compulsory classes left ever, coffee and the promise of a fresh start once the whole thing has ended, regardless of the outcome.

So, it seems natural to compensate for the things that have been missing from my life this year, starting from the 16th of November, after my Music Performance- Solo written exam (which happens to be my brother's 13th birthday!)

1. Get my L's
It's something of a tradition for Australian young drivers to get their learners when they are 16, and to churn away at those hours so they can get their P's when they're 18. I've been 18 for over six months now, and I still don't have my L's. It's getting rather frustrating, because sometime last week my only valid form of ID went missing, and I still haven't found it.

2. Get a job.
I have been living off the support of my parents and centerlink for the last two years, with the excuse the I have been concentrating on my studies, and that all of my free time has been taken up with flute playing. That isn't going to be an excuse over the summer, or next year even if I am at university. I do like the idea of getting a job at a nice coffee shop or tea house, or even working at Lush.

3. Move house.
This is going to happen anyway, I know, because we have bought a house just a suburb away. Exciting, and requires some packing... =S but overall it should be a positive experience.

4. Buy a computer.
This will not happen for a while now, as I am terrible at saving money. I really want a computer, preferable a desk top so I can fill it up with new games. Laptops simply don't have the grunt for my tastes.

5. Eat healthier.
Year 12 takes its toll on you due to the lack of sleep, and I don't think my diet has been overly healthy this year. I simply haven't been eating enough lunch or breakfast, so I haven't been able to focus during the day at school.

6. Sleep in.
Goodness, I love my sleep, and I am looking forward to when I am able to lie in my coffin from 4am until 1pm without worrying that I am missing classes or not spending my time studying.

7. Read.
I have always read, but this year I have been somewhat restricted in what I read because I have had to read my Literature texts multiple times each. I am looking forward to being able to read without having to analyse the text, but simply enjoy it.

8. Have a clean bedroom.
This is so hard for me. I haven't sustained any attempt to clean and organise my room since year 2, and that's not an exaggeration. When I have the time...

Anyway that's all. I should SHOULD finish my Styles homework before my SAC on Tuesday. (SACs in term 4... Yes indeed. =/)

xxx Lilly

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