Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Goth Challenge 2013- Parts 5 and 6

·   My wardrobe turnover 
In all honesty I have no idea what this actually is asking about. What first comes to mine is the turnover of my clothes ie. how often I do my washing!?! I highly doubt that that is the real question, so if someone could enlighten me, I'd really appreciate it. XD
Using more deductive skills I can think that this means 'How otften do you wear your favourite outfits?' so I'll work with that.

I tend to wear my few 'basic' good outfits each time I go out, yet I accesorise and customise them to suit each day, so they are always different. =D Favourites included my favourite dress/ shirt with a corset, tights and heels. Or a loose shirt, long skirt and boots.

·   My favorite Goth brand 
In general I can't afford high quality brands and I tend to avoid most 'cheap' crap. However, I love Gallery Serpentine, Dolly Q, Dark Muse Corsetry and Manic Panic.

Sorry for the pathetically short post; the past week I've had all manner of mouth related ailments that are severly affecting my ability to practise, and generally souring my mood at the moment. =(

xxx Lilly

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Goth Challenge 2013- Parts 3 and 4

 Presenting the second edition of the 2013 Goth Challenge. =)

  •   What my own Goth lifestyle is like 
 My lifestyle tends to consist of university (although currently I'm on holidays),
down time/relaxing, going out to clubs or other evening activities such as cabarets and bars, occasionally attending meet ups and such, spending time on the internet and going to parties. I pretty much wear Goth clothing each day, and days where I go out in public I tend to be well dressed. I also go to concerts and recitals regularly, and tend to wear formal-ish Gothy attire to these events as well. I spend LOTS of time doing makeup and dying my hair, so I guess that counts. While I'm perfectly ok to leave the house with nothing but a thing smudge of black pencil, I do like using makeup and using different colours. My eyes are one feature that do tend to be expressed with many bright colours.
 I think that there isn't a moment in my life that isn't a Goth lifestyle thing, because it is my life after all. XD I'll probably explain this in more detail soon.

  •  Favorite thing to put on my head

Apart from makeup???
I like putting synthetic extensions and ribbons in my hair, and wearing jewellery, but to be honest I don't like having my hair overly covered, so I don't wear hats or similar things.

xxx Lilly

Monday, January 14, 2013

Things I Love

Similar again to Sary Walrus, a blogger whom I love, I have decided to keep this little series a 'when I feel like it' type thing rather than a weekly event, much like everything else I post lately.... =S

This post is a collection of things I love and things that put a smile on my face when I have been feeling down, which has been more often than not lately, so this series couldn't have come at a better time.
Also, naturally, this will be in no particular order and are all of equal importance.

Winter days- when the weather is at the perfect temperature and the air is misty

Hot coffee with milk- and no sugar. Yes, I like my coffee white.

Op shopping- Some of my favourite pieces are from second hand shops, and I get a lot of delight in searching through the racks to find some true gems.

My new puppy Chillie- A few weeks ago we brought a new addition to our family, an eight week old whippet. She is growing up so fast now! She can be a bit of a terror (in between finishing this dot point I had to clean up three individual puppy droppings... =S), and is still learning, but she is very sweet and loves people. There is something just so charming about when you come home in the afternoon and an animal of a different species runs through the house to greet you at the door...

Perfume- Perfume is such a love luxury for me. I find it is so enchanting, comforting and nostalgic. My favourite and guilty pleasure is Dior Addict.

Peppermint- My favourite sweet flavour, hence my internet-alias. XD

Sushi- My favourite food. I adore sushi so much. Each piece puts a smile on my face. =D

xxx Lilly

The Goth Challenge 2013- Parts 1 and 2

This series of posts is based upon the Goth Challenge that was devised by the lovely Darstalker Girl which was based off the Lolita Challenge. For all the details, be sure to check our her post!

Also, but I'm sure this won't come as a suprise, but I can't guarantee that I'll be able to post regularly. But, I will give every effort to complete it, as I think this is really creative and interesting. To speed things up, I'll try to do a few questions each time, in chronological order. =) Enjoy

 1. 5 pieces that every Goth wardrobe should have, regardless of style

 - A basic black, well fitting T shirt. Something comfortable, that can be worn underneath shirts, blouses, dresses or pretty much anything else to provide extra warmth. This can also be worn as a pajama top for something comfy and snuggly.

-Black boots. These are another 'staple' of mine. I tend to wear my boots until they literally fall apart (I need to get my Docs repaired =S), and they can be really comfortable for everyday wear, yet have lots of style and attitude for club or dressed up attire.

-Long black pants/ skirt. Personally I rarely wear pants, but I literally live in maxi skirts. They can be suitable year-round. Teamed with thick stockings and socks for winter and with little else in summer. Pants are also suitable to wear to a job interview, work or other similar occasions, and paired with leggings or stockings underneath, can provide lots of much needed protection against the winter cold.

-Black overcoat or trench coat. Something that can be pulled on over absolutely anything if you cannot face changing into something else before leaving the house, as well as being the first line of defence in winter. On the weekend I have put my previous trench coat into semi-retirement as I found, at an everything- $5 Vintage warehouse clearence sale, a pure wool black knee length overcoat that is amazing! XD

-A special piece. Within your budget of course, let's be realistic,, but I think that everyone should have a piece or two that make you feel amazing, looks good almost all the time and really reflects who you are, whether this is a luxury dress or a loved to bits pair of jeans that are falling apart! Even better if this is something you have saved up for yourself or an heirloom piece, as it will be sentimental and personal.

 2. 5 movies for Goths

 Well, really, this will just be a list of my personal favourites that I believe are Gothy. If you don't like them, or they aren't to your taste, then that's fine. Also, these will be in no particular order, and will be a range of genres. =) Oh, and I won't put ALL Tim Burton XD

- Beetlejuice, for Lydia and Betelgeuse's style attitude and the general lighthearted interpretation of the underworld/afterlife. A firm favourite of mine

-Repo- The Genetic Opera. Again, for the Gothy Cyberpunk/fetish styles of the cast and aesthetic, but also the catchy and great soundtrack and general awesomeness. Like, DJs play Zydrate Anatomy in clubs as dancefloor-fillers!

-The Addams Family Values. This is a chlidhood favourite of mine. Just because

-Chicago. Sex, sleaze, jazz, flappers, vauderville, booze and murder.! If you can handle the musical-ness, definately see it. Even better would be to see a live production, as long as it was high quality.

-Van Helsing. Frankly this movie has a crappy scrpit and is pretty shallow, but it has great special effects and lovely costumes. Particuarly, the outfits of the vampire brides, played by Josie Maran, Elena Anaya and Silvia Colloca have been outfit and style inspirations of mine since I first saw this movie...

  It is great for silly afternoon viewing, or just for pure cheesey vampire goodness.

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of the Goth Challenge 2013! Please let my know what you think!

xxx Lilly