Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gothic Makeup and the Mainstream

It's pretty plain to see that Goth makeup at other aesthetics have infiltrated the mainstream. Winter, which it is way down here in Australia, is typically when the darker colours show their faces. This is a good thing because it means that Goth overall is becoming more accepted and that means less hassle for us. It can also be a bad thing because there's always the terrifying notion that we're percieved as just following whatever mainstream trend that's popular at the moment instead of doing our own thing. But it does make buying clothes, makeup and jewellery easier!

Makeup is something I'm particularlly interested in. My YouTube account is subscribed to heaps of makeup related channels.
One of the most important things I've learnt while watching makeup videos is that you really don't need to be watching videos that are specifically Goth, or other dark aesthetic, in order to be learning something. Often, mundane makeup techniques can be applied to Goth makeup with some colour and intensity variation. Everything related to makeup and brush care applies to us as well, and is something that shouldn't be ignored. =)

Makeup channels that are run my non-Goths that I believe are worth checking out are Michael James, Illamasqua, Michelle Phan (Yes, her. Her technique is good, ok.) and Secret Life Of a Bio Nerd.
All of these channels have done at least one makeup tutorial or related video that I believe could work well as Goth makeup, and show very good makeup application. There's plenty that is of no interest to me, but it's not a problem to simply ignore that content and focus on the stuff that is important, and DON'T complain/ whinge or whatever about their content. It's their choice to post whatever they choose.

There are plently of dark, Goth or Goth friendly makeup video makers on YouTube. Many of them, frankly are rubbish but there are a few diamonds in the rough. My personal choices are Helena Is Red (many of her videos are in Spanish, but they're in pretty good quality so you can see the techniques well and some even have English subtitles), Adora BatBrat naturally, Audfaced who does many FANTASTIC horror SFX makeup and Fille de Porcelaine who is a beautiful Loltia (who has the same name as me!).

Anyway, I'm going to leave you all with two really awesome videos from Audfaced. Enjoy!

xxx Lilly

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