Monday, October 29, 2012

Goths at Folk Festivals 2012 editions Part 1

Hello dear readers. Sorry for not posting again- I'm now at the beginning of my SWOTVAC week which means that exams are literally next week. I'm no longer able to afford the luxury of wasting time reading blogs and watching YouTube videos until I'm completely finished with my exams. That should be in about 2.5 weeks! So soon! I can't believe how fast my first year of university have flown by! I'm been so busy with assignments, homework and music preparation. If you weren't already aware, I've now completed 1/3 of my Bachelor of Music. Recently I had to choose my major. At the moment I've decided to major in Music Performance, but I may decided to change that if it becomes too demanding- I tend to suffer from jaw problems relating to my flute playing, and so I haven't been physically able to complete enough practice. Also, this year at uni has really opened my eyes to what is required and expected from a professional musician. I've really had to examine and change my music related habits.

Anyway, if you will remember a post or two of mine from way back in 2010 in this blogs humble beginnings, I posted about Goths (me, specifically) and their reaction and interaction with folk festivals. Particularly this post. Now, my writing style has certainly developed since then; some of it just makes me cringe. I'm tempted to go back and edit things, but it's more honest if I just keep it all the same, maybe adding some obvious tangents if I want to.
The festival in question is held every two years, and in a month or two I shall be returning once again this year in the first week of December. While I won't be repeating myself again about the features, this time I shall intend to capture and document the life of a Goth (again, me) at a folk festival, and everything that involves. It's very different to a Goth festival, to say the least. I may also be heading to a few more in the near future, depending on my plans to celebrate the New Year.

Earlier this year, in March about a week after I turned nineteen, I attended the Port Fairy Folk Festival. While I don't remember much about the festival now, something exciting did happen... At 0.25 seconds into this video, you'll see me noodling around on a whistle that was on sale. I was so excited when I found this video. One of my sister's friends had noticed it while browsing through YouTube. This gives you just a glimse of the variety of characters found at folk festivals. Each festival is different, and has it's own mix of interesting music and folks (pardon that pun. I literally didn't even notice until a few mintues after! It is staying though! XD)

I can't believe all of the attention my Tumblr has been receiving lately. I've gained at least 17 follows in the past week alone! Please go and observe my activities there, and if you like what you see then please follow me! XD

More posts on these topics will follow in the near future.

xxx Lilly

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Very Gothic Halloween Part One

This year is essentially the first Halloween I'll be celebrating. Typically, Halloween is not celebrated here in Australia, but from my observations, Goths and fellow fans of the macarbe around town don't want to miss out on an excuse to have some cake, dress up and something extra special to drink. However, I can't help but feel that I'm not alone in my desires to make this Halloween a bit more special, a bit more personal than just tacky, crummy cheap-shop trinkets that have little value. I am a believer in DIY for clothes and decor items by nature, and this is no exception. Creating or modifying something adds a perfonal, memorable touch to something that otherwise would be just a spooky cookie cutter item.

The exceptionally observant beings in my collection of readers may have wondered about my 'Very Gothic' title. My explaination is this; I totally believe that there is a difference between 'normal' (Mundane, if you will) Halloween, Halloween that is suitable for little ones, and Halloween suitable for Goths. While all three are equally valid and appropriate, I think that adding a darker, more luxurious, more personal, adult (I don't mean sexual here, although that does come into things when appropriate. I mean mature and sophisticated) and more romantic touch to the regular Halloween activites and festivities is second nature to Goths. Maybe I'm wrong here, but I don't think so.

What comes to mind is something like this...
Handmade or reconstructed costumes and decorations; items that are not the crappy moulded plastic junk but rather good quality materials; high quality, imacculatly applied makeup.
Less of this, ^^, and more like this...

Of course, many of this attributes or ideals apply to our everyday dress and lifesyle. I think that the difference between Halloween and everyday dress ups is the effort. Not that you don't actually put in any effort before heading out to a club. (I'm known to take a few hours myself... =S) Rather, Halloween is the time to actually wear a costume. Really dress up Of course, make it tasteful, well made and completely 'you'. None of this 'I'll just go as a vampire so I don't have to worry about what to wear' nonsence. =P
Even something made cheaply by hand would be better than something rubbish purchased, as you have the liberty to take as much time and effort as you can to really perfect and polish it. 

While I think that cheaply made type decorations do have a place in our lairs and castles, particularly if your younger or have little younglings aroung the place. I am a sucker for fake black roses, plastic toy bats and cheap brightly coloured clip in hair pieces...
Cutesey, sugary pieces of spooky clothing and decor can really work!

If you're like me then you'll possess the 'Everyday is Halloween' attitude. I certainly do believe that Halloween decorations, drinks (particularly the alcoholic ones!!!) and lollies are completely acceptable year round. (I wouldn't recomend doing the whole costume-thing year round. That would just be tiring, expensive and frankly not always appropriate. Imagine how distracted the rest of the class would be if you were sitting in a lecture wearing a dragon costume!!! XD)
Subsequently, any purchases made at this time of year, when supplies are plentiful, need to be economic. This is important if you're a student like me and are not employed, as you don't want to be wasting money. Consider it something like an investment to last the year out.

Oh, and just FYI, I'm going as a fairy. Complete with hand made fairywings. XD

xxx Lilly