Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 16

Day 16- What's the most casual you've ever dressed?

Wow, firstly, I appologise for my silence of late. Year 12 has really gotten hectic and I really haven't had a spare moment to write something decent. Unitl this evening, that is, because earlier today I completed my last SAC for the term. (When I came back to end this post, that SAC now has to be re- sat by the class... Grrr it is STILL not over!!!!)

Anyway, I tend to dress with more of a minimilistic/ casual approach to Goth. I wear plain cotton shirts and skirts. Nothing too fancy or expensive. The most casual I have ever dressed would be when I went to school with my trench, skirt and long sleeved top on. It was freezing and I thought I would need some extra warmth, so I threw a plain black hoodie that I wore to bed in my school bag. I did need it, but I was reluctant to wear a hoodie out in public. Eventually I had to give in and wear the darn thing, but I felt so out of place.

Despite the fact that I generally have more of a low- key thing going on with minimalistic touches, I am very vain and won't leave the house in anything less that a proper skirt and a trench coat or shirt. Also, rarely is there ever a day where I don't wear some sort of makeup. Often it will just be a smudge of eyeliner and some mascara, because really, who can be bothered getting up at 6am to do makeup before a 8:15am Methods class. Not me, that's for sure.

Undoubtably, the day that I have those horrendous 8:15am classes (Tuesday and Friday) I tend to be at my most casual, only because I run out of time before I must drain my cup of tea and race out the door. In no way am I a morning person, and I have a tendancy to sacrifice makeup and hair time for more sleep.

xxx Lilly

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  1. Found this post interesting... I work in a male dominated environment and wear a very boring uniform. So, when off work, I wear exclusively skirts, wear my red lippy and put black roses/ black lacy frippery in my hair.. embracing my inside spooky little girl, I guess. All the best with your VCE :)