Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to be a Vampire

Just yesterday I was in Angus and Robertsen's and looking at the books on sale. Nothing initially grabbed me until I found a book entitled How To Be A Vampire. Here is the link in case you are interested.
Anyway, the book seemed very tongue in cheek at first, which is why I bought it. However, while I was reading it on the train home, I realised that the book was a genuine book about vampire believes who wanted to be turned into vampires.
No, don't go away now!
The book, to me, seemed that if you forgot about the 'bloodletting and fangs' parts, the book seems like a book about Goth ettiquette and lifestyle in general. For example, there is a section entitled "Ghoulish Gardening" which is about growing night bloomers, carnivorours plants and black flowers. Mmmm, it sounds lovely. There is also a whole section dedicated to vampires thoughout history such as Vlad Tepes and Erzsebet Bathory, and vampires in literature, and the book emphasises how important it is to be a well educated vamp. The photos and art in the book are stunning.

So, for the record, I don't personally believe in vampires, but I do think they're really cool. I always have. Apparently it's Such A Cliche for Goths to like vampires, and we should all avoid them at all costs. But, you know what, apparently wearing all black and having big stompy boots is a cliche too, but I'm not going to stop doing that either.

Also, apparently people are having problems with posting comments. If anyone knows a solution then it would be great if they could let me know. =)

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