Thursday, December 9, 2010

Insta Goth Kit

Upon my random internet searchings (looking at clothes, of all things!XD) I came accross a very, ahem, interesting web site. This is the link in question, and, well I think that is meant to be ironic and corny. It certainly is, and it sends up Goths on every square centimetre of the page. Yet, it generally refers to Goths as 'us' or 'we' which makes me think that it is written by Goths for a laugh or two. That's a perfectly sane normal thing to do. I'm sarcastic and self deprevating here on my blog all the time.
But the real thing that has been bothering about this site is that I think that it is a little too subtle. Granted, most if not all everything written is true to an extent, but I feel that it simply isn't sarcastic enough to be really effective.

What do you think??

Just a short post today. I may post later tonight... =)
xxx Lilly
Listening to The Cruxshadows- Immortal

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