Monday, December 13, 2010

Bad Poetry and Tom Cats

If you remember back to my previous post, you may recall a reference to a Bad Poetry site. Well, for your amusement, I present to you the The Goth-O-Matic Poetry Generator!
Here is an example of the deep, tortured poem you can 'create'
Pretty? Maybe a little.
Pretty bad? Oh, yes indeed. =P
But that's part of the fun of being Goth- we can laugh at this sort of stuff because we get the humour in it.

Also, many months ago in about March or April, a tom cat casually entered out house and began roaming around. He was a lovely cat, but he disappeared. Until about an hour ago that is...
The cat is so pretty, and makes me want a cat of my own even more... *sigh*

Anyway enjoy being Mopey with your Poetry- and send me a copy, damn it!

xxx Lilly
Listening to The Cruxshadows- Defender

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