Monday, December 20, 2010

Australian Goth surviving summer- part one

It's a terrible photo of me, but you can see my costume
Ah, summer...
The season of heat, sun, surf and bikinis...
And many many sweaty Goths...

Is it ironic to mention that today I've spent the day rugged up in a trenchcoat, thick stockings and long sleaves? Probably, but it has been really cold the last few days. And a lot of rain, which is rare for a drought- ridden country.

My summer holidays so far have mainly consisted of parties (including a Rocky Horror party- see the photos), festivals and lots of music practice. Heaps, actually, and I need to be doing more.

Some of the more notably things I have been through this summer are a locust plague (which included many locusts meeting an untimely end via the car windscreen, and subsequently smearing themselves everywhere making it almost impossible to see), swimming in clothes, and giving my boyfriend dread lox.

In regards to the 'surving summer' part in the title, as a Goth who does wear a lot of black, I sometimes really struggle with the heat. More so, I feel that around my friends there is a lot more pressure to go swimming or to places that I'm not interested in. I think that when people have a lot of free time, they become more adventuress and want to take more risks. I don't believe that this is a bad thing, but it does get somewhat frustrating.
And then there are the endless "Aren't you hot in all that black?" questions, even from people who know that I've worn black for quite a number of years and I would expect that they are awear that I am a Goth. (Surely the Demonia boots and bat necklaces are a bit noticable?)

We are normal people...
Anyway, that is a very breif summary of my summer so far. I will try to post again at the end of my summer, which should include stories about more festivals, Christmas and a 'delightful' car journey to Queensland...

xxx Lilly
Listening to The Cruxshadows- Deception

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