Monday, December 13, 2010

The Gothic Compass

First things first. Good evening to you all. I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while... =S
Also, some of you who were Piczo followers back in the day may have noticed that I've been editing and re posting some of my old blog entries there. I'll do some more of that soon. =)
Anyway, a few years ago I came accross a site that featured a generator that allowed the reader to create tortured, guilt ridden bad Gothic poetry almost instantly. This was potentially one of my first encounters with The Internet Goth, and essentially opened my eyes to the vast resource on Goth Culture that was the internet. A short while later, I revisited the site in more detail and found The Gothic Compass.
Interestingly enough, this isn't like any of the other What Sort Of Goth Are You quizzes. This really is a decent quiz that has lots of references to songs and books and that makes the quiz difficult to bluf. I encourage everyone to try it out. Remember, the author has a sense of humour, and you should too. Overall, the Dead Lounge Off Ramp is actually a rather interesting site, and yes, there is the Bad Poetry Generator for you to snicker at.
Oh and here's my result. (Taken just then) XD

I'll just point out that I'm really not that perky, and really NOT all that Industrial so I retried and it was potentially more accurate.

That's is probably more accurate. XD
So tell me, what your score???

xxxx Lilly
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  1. I also made the test, just for fun. I don´t remember exactly the average, but I was mostly romantic (82% I think)... It was a very long test anyway XD.

    Kisses, is great to comment on your blog now n_n.

    Madame Macabre.

  2. It's a fun test, and well made I think. There's subtlety there which is great. =D