Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas in Goth Land

Yes. I'm being highly original.
Not. I'm writing another post about Goths and Christmas. This is probably because I've been wanting to post for a few days now and been  lacking in some substantial idea, and becuase I think that everyone, including Goths, has a unique and finely defined view on what a successful Christmas should entail.
On a more profound and intellectual level, I am going to attempt to unravel the mystery behind the reason why my family celebrates the Christmas that we do. (I do believe that it is very different to a Christian Christmas)

Firstly, I don't necessarilly encompass many of the seasonal personality traits that we are expected to embrace around the Christmas time. There are reasons for this, and very decent reasons at that. Firstly, I am the person who I am and I have learnt to accept all of the elements (or at least most of them) that make up my personality. I believe that it is crazy for a person to think that I would change my personality during the 'festive season' just as I would not expect anyone else to. Also, way down here in Australia, Christmas occurs in the middle of summer. I fail to see how anyone can be jolly or merry in 40*C+ heat that I regularly have to endure. Hot sun and dry weather do not equal pleasant for me.
In general, especially in the last few years, Christmas hasn't been overly fun and I have simply waited in my room until the whole thing ends before drinking my weight on new years eve.
There are positives, though. Spening quality family time is good, and my family enjoys nice food and presents together.
Possibly the big reason why my family celebrates Christmas would be because my parents were brought up celebrating it.
Another, possibly equally big, reason would be because Christmas is so commercialised nowaday that it is impossible to escape from. There are Christmas carols blasted out of every single shopping center in the country. And they began a week ago...

I do feel that there are many nice things about a Christmas spirit, and it can be a really wonderful experience.
A White Christmas would be really REALLY nice and visually beautiful... but I sadly live in the southern hemisphere... =(

This post took a week to compose... I must be more vigilant.

xxxxx Lilly
Listening to The Dresden Dolls- Girl Anachronism

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