Monday, December 6, 2010

Goths at Folk Festivals part Two

Earlier today I got home from a weekend festival in North East Victoria. Overall I had a reasonable time, which was a good thing I believe.
This was my first time attending this particular folk festival, but I have been to many others over the years.

The biggest thing I remember was wearing Demonia (or your particular favourite brand of rather impractical yet amazing Goth boots) in mud and bad weather. In the city, this is a completly fine thing to do, but when you're in the middle of a paddock with trees and grass and a lot of much things get pretty messy quickly. (However, my feet did stay dry and comfortable while I was wearing, which was not the case for some people...)
This may seem like a very silly thing to mention first up, but in all honesty it was the biggest thing in my head for most of the weekend. I think this was because it would have been my Demonia boots in question's first 'country experience' and I wasn't sure if they'ed survive.

In a different aspect, the music at this particular festival was the most varied. There was some folk, rock, techno, funk, cabaret, punk, celtic, fusion and a Hell of a lot of other styles mashed together. My favourite performance was by a local band called Rapskallion.

This obviously wasn't the performance I saw, but there aren't many examples on the internet.
 They have just returned from a tour of Europe which included places like Camden in London (I believe) and France.
I had seen this band earlier this year in Canberra over Easter which was amazing.

Another thing that happened to me that wasn't particularly enjoyable was once, while I was walking from the festival arena to my campsite (Yes, camping...) a little lady stopped me and asked me what I was wearing. "What is it? Something like Goth?" She asked.
"Er, yes. Goth with some other things" Was my reply. (She didn't actually ask me if I was even Goth, just my clothes. I could have been some tracksuit wearing gansta and she wouldn't have known...)
"Like what?"
"Goth boots, socks, punk stockings..." I hurriedly listed what I was wearing...
The little lady kept following me and talking to me, even though I was a complete stranger to her. Later in the night while I was slightly more intoxicated and not in the best of moods (I am currently suffering from a particularly uncomfortable back pain which is severly inhibiting my ability to play the flute) and the woman, who had by this stage forgotten my name, came up to me and asked if I had remembered her. I had, but I said no just to be casual. This may seem fine, and it did to me, until the lady came up and approached me for the third time. I believe she may have had some sort of 'special substance' due to her dazed expression and forcefullness. Needless to say that after the third encounter with the Little Lady I felt that it was time to avoid her. I did not feel comfortable around her.

Lastly, upon arrival in Olde Melbourne Towne, after checking some emails, I had a delicious hot shower. After not being able to have a proper wash for three days, (there was a creek, but you cannot wash your hair for example), the First Shower really is the best shower you will ever experience.

xxxx Lilly
Listening to The Band Who Knew Too Much (Who played at this festival. It was insane!)- The Rent

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