Sunday, September 2, 2012

Clubbing Advice for Newbies

By Newbies I simply mean people who are new to the dark, scary world of Goth Clubs, nothing more. I consider myself a newbie in this perspective, but I have recently  been going more and more regularly to clubs (for the remainder of this blogpost, when I say 'club' I mean 'Goth Club' specifically, unless stated otherwise, just fyi =D), and have picked up a few little tricks over time. I don't mean that these points must be followed, but they simply are guidelines more or less.
 1. Dress comfortably and sensibly. It would be a good idea to wear clothes that sit well against your frame, don't itch or irritate your skin and you feel you could wear them for extended periods, ie. a few hours at least. Also, take note of the weather and dress appropriately. I personally deteste cloak rooms, but if it is raining or snowing outside then an overcoat might be a necessity. Wear comfortable shoes; with all of that dancing and standing around, rest for you poor feet is something of a luxury, so if you can bare it, leave the spiked heels or too-tight pumps at home. I tend to favour nice witchy shoe or plain upper-calf Docs, but I do tend to favour more of a minimalist style anyway. Also, considering I don't know of clubs that operate during daylight hours, a parasol would be better left at home, which brings me to...

2. Consider minimal accessories. By this I mean avoiding canes, hats that are not pinned to ones' hair or anything else that requires at least one hand's full attention. This may be counter to one's personal style, which I don't want to cramp or invade, but just think about how you will wrangle things. Things can get lost, stolen or broken, and really, you don't want to be having to keep an eye on things when you want to be dancing and relaxing. Further more...

3. Necessary objects. Things that really are required to be brought to a club, e.g. money, house keys, ID, a mobile for meeting friends or emergencies, maybe a spot of makeup, require secure holding. Gentlemen often have things easier here, as pockets that are frequently added to clothing of a more masculine nature can be utilised with ease, however if your clothing has no pockets a bag is then required. I personally favour a small rectangle bag that sits across my shoulder leaving both arms free. It's pretty secure, small and light, and doesn't require removal for dancing as it won't swing out and hit the Rivet-head next to you (a bad idea... XD). Considering investing in a bag that will work for almost every outfit (mine is in black with a red satin and black spiderweb lace.) so there is no fuss.
 4. Don't go out if you don't feel up to it. Headaches, overtiredness, period pains or general sickness can really ruin your night, and while a dose of painkillers may make you feel a little bit better, they are not overly healthy and if you body is telling you to take it easy for a weekend then listen to it! Also, be flexible. If you originally intended to stay out a while but then decided you need to go home early, then just do it rather than pushing yourself too hard unnecessarilly. Trust me here.

5.Respect your friends. If you are going with anyone else (something I recommend for safety) then respect them. If they are feeling less than perky then take them home. If you arrived with them then you should leave with them, especailly if sharing accomodation or transport. It's just respect and common courtesy.

6. Be safe. I could ramble on about the dangers of being out and about at night, but I don't want to scare or bore anyone away, so instead I'll just say remember to stay smart, aware and look out for each other. If you are old enough to go to nightclubs, you are an adult and deserve to be treated as one, so I won't patronise you any further by going into more details, unless that would be appreciated. Let me know. I've certainly had enough experience with creeps to last a life time.
Oh, and by the way, on Friday night I attended a burlesque show at Bohmeia Cabaret Club complete with cabaret, comedy, magic and oh-so-tasteful stripping. Apart from some less-than-charming behaviour from some members of the audience (who were promptly asked to leave the premises) it was truly a fantastic and enjoyable night. I shall certainly be attending future shows there.

xxx Lilly

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