Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Annual Victorian Gothic Picnic Outfit Post

Here is a small collection of photos taken at the Annual Victorian Gothic Picnic held in Melbourne earlier in this month
This is my first outfit post, simply as I don't have a tripod and only have a crummy point and click digital camera.

Photo by Miserys Malice
Laura the local designer from Petticoats and Gallantry, James and Myself

Photo by Saphron Amethyst Hastie
Me and Seb in the background. I was initially attempting to crack my spine after being in heels and a corset all day; I have realised that the corset makes this almost impossible! But the lady next to me decided to take a photo. =D

Photo by Jemma Sweeney
This was taken just before we were leaving, and was a bit rushed, hence the lock of hair in my eyes. Still, it's cute, and shows off the luxurious coat of James'.

I had a lovely time at this picnic. So far I have attended each of the annual picnics, beginning last year, as well as another smaller picnic event.

Outfit- Dark Muse Corset, Black (Hell Bunny) dress, Target shirt, Hand ripped lace stockings top, Unknown stockings, Shoes from Savers.

xxx Lilly


  1. gosh
    picnics like these make me jealous D:
    i just wish there were a lot of lovely and interesting people over here.
    great photos ♥

  2. Naw Minxie! I'm sure there would be some lovely and interesting people around for you to have picnics with, even if they weren't Goth or alternative!
    You could even go picnicing with your sister or something sweet!
    Thanks for the comment xxx

    P.S I actually haven't read much of your blog until now, but I love it!!! Expect a spam of comments from me in the future

  3. LOVE your outfit <3 *___*
    Also we are from the same place! I wanted to go to this event but never could >_< I study science at MelbourneUni but live all the way across the freeway so hate traveling in -_-

    1. Yeah I live far out and have to catch the train every day in! This year (2013) you should come too! It's actually quite a lovely event, and the more the merrier! XD