Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Rocks

So about a week ago while randomly looking through some op shops just around my area, I found something amazing. For as little as $20 I found a slightly broken yet still awesome pair of New Rock ankle boots!These shoes would have been at least two or three hundred dollars new, if not even more than that.

The broken part is the upper strap made of rubber instead of leater, meaning the boots still lace up fine. At the moment they're still unwearable only because the straps flap around when I walk! They just need to be cut off, but I think replacing it with a nice thick black satin ribbon is what I'll do. That way they'll have more of a Lilly touch. The boots (well, New Rocks in general) are more industrial, with more hardwear and maybe more of a tomboy aesthetic that what I tend to prefer, but how could I not get them? Apart from the broken strap, they are in good condition and well looked after, but clearly well loved.

Here you can see the broken strap. I think the rubber decays at a faster rather than the leather, as the strap is broken on both shoes.

I also have a habit of taking photos of my drinks. Here I enjoyed a classic gin and tonic.

xxx Lilly


  1. My sister would be so jealous, she's been dying for some New Rocks! I love the photo with the feet in the air and the stripy socks!

  2. That's a really great find! I am usually never that lucky...yet. ^-^

  3. Laura- Yeah, I tend to take strange photos... Dark Angel- Thanks! I agree it was pure luck. Just keep an eye out and you'll find something gold!. xxx on New Rocks