Friday, November 23, 2012


Hello my sweet followers

In case you haven't already, please check out my Tumblr Lilly Peppermint's Coffin. Currently I have 245 followers on Tumblr, which is insane. That's almost 150 more that I have here on Blogger. I don't know what that means exactly, probably that people either like to look at pictures more than read, or that people appreicate that I post each day on Tumblr, and once or twice a month here. =(

Tumblr is probably the most accurate blog I manage as a reflection of myself, simply because this blog just doesn't get updated nearly enough for people, I believe, to really get an accurate opinion or image of myself. On Tumblr I post or reblog pictures of beauty in all forms. Beauty is of course an opinion. I also post some fan based things that I love, as well as my two favourite dishes; sushi and macarons. And a lot of Lush. It is just a blog of love.
Even though I am an atheist and don't currently have any religion, I post lots of spiritual and/or Wiccan images. This is simply because I find this incredibly beautiful, in case you were wondering. I also post hundreds of outfits, mainly in styles of Goth with aesthetics that are similar to my favourites.
Also just an fyi, at times my Tumblr, like most these days, may be NSFW. I do post fetish, burlesque and kink images occastionally, with maybe a bit of breast. I tend to avoid nudity though. (That's hard to avoid on Tumblr lately) Just so you don't go opening up the page in you family lounge room, using your high school network or while at work. =P

xxx Lilly


  1. Perhaps a lot of people do prefer pictures to text. I much prefer text to pictures, which is why I read blogs, and don't have a tumblr. Plus I find the scroll down thing on a lot of tumblrs is glitchy and seriously annoying :P

  2. Laura- It's good that you read. I amost feel that there is little point to this blog now as everything is just on Tumblr lately with short little updates and picturespam. Blogger is more personal becuase it takes more time and effort to manage. xxx
    Spooky Vegan- I love your Tumblr too. Following back! xxx