Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Organ Grinder

I'm a teeny bit obsessed with Emilie Autumn, as many of you know. Not in that creepy way of course, but I do love her and her music. This is one of my favourite videos of her. It's super short, but you can see her playing that awesome violin part in the song she wrote Organ Grinder for the UK version of Saw IV (I think it's that one...)

Anyway, sorry for the silences lately. I WILL do better, I promise.

xxx L:illy


  1. I love Emilie Autumn as well. She is just unique and generally amazing.

  2. I agree. There isn't another musician around who does what she does, and I respect her even more for thet.

  3. Emilie is awesome, i am also just a teeny bit obsessed with her too ;)

  4. My favourite of her solo violin is either Syringe or Face The Wall, but this one is a favourite too.

  5. Love Emilie, so glad I saw her live. And Syringe and Face the Wall are my favorite instrumentals as well.