Friday, May 6, 2011

DIY Goth Ringlets

Yesterday I attempted to create my own hair falls. I didn't wan't to pay $100 for a pair from Germany, because, frankly I had no idea if they would suit me. BTW a Google image search on "Goth Ringlets" or "Goth ringlet falls" proved to be useless (there were some emo girls, some blonde wigs and some flowers...), so in order to show you guys what I was trying to achieve, I Googled "Lolita Ringlet falls" and got much better results...

(P.S Amy of The Ultimate Goth Guide, you may want to take a look at this... Does it look at all familliar???
I'm not sure if you wrote it, but frankly it appears to be a cut and paste job.)
Anyway, that picture kind of gives you the idea...

Instead I used the cut off 'Jamaican Dreadlocks' ringlets from a tam that my boyfriend had. He cut them off because they looked silly, he said.

You can see how messy my room is...

I simply cut the locks of hair (It's fake plastic hair, in case you were wondering. I wouldn't wear real hair ever. I'm not vegetarian or vegan, but I don't eat red meat, and I avoid gelatine. One of those freaky, fussy types, yeah.) I should mention that each ringlet is doubled over and sewn between a folded piece of mesh.

My hair is recently dyed black, so it matches the colour fine. As my black colour leeches out (as well all know it annoyingly does) I won't wear these.

Yeah, see my cheesy smile!!!
Then I simply wrapped the lengths around two high pigtails and pinned them in place through the mesh with bobby pins.

Some of the ringlets fell out, which is a bit of a problem. I simply pinned them back in, and will probably attach them to a mini hair band (those 1cm or smaller ones) and hope for the best. Who am I kidding? That's how this whole thing started.

Aren't I so darkly mysterious? Lol...
Anyway, I hope my random creations inspire some other darklings to get creative and make something cool.
xxx Lilly


  1. This looks interesting :) And it looks good on you :)

  2. Gorgeous! I'm coming up with a plan to make my own falls out of some old Halloween wigs. ^^

    And yes, that was originally one of my posts from the old Piczo site, except there was more of it and I know how to spell. Mostly, anyway. *sighs* imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I guess.

  3. Thanks both of you!
    Amy- I came across that site while Googling the picture. I figured that you should be alerted, because, well... it's just not right!

  4. Honestly, rather than go through that, I just curl my hair. Not with a curling iron, since they just kind of don't at all in my hair, but I wash my hair and wrap them up in strips of material. Rag doll style. Or Pride and Prejudice style (I admit to aiming for a Jane Bennet look). It works well enough when done with enough layers.

  5. Kitty- You sound as if this method is time consuming and you're method is quicker.
    I've tried curling, but honestly, my hair is far too long and thick to curl. Rags look just strange in my hair and would take far longer. This takes about 5 min, whereas using any other form of curling in my hair takes over an hour. The ringlets achieved are tighter than anything I'd be able to put in my hair, and all curls of an sort fall out straight away, so I don't even bother.