Monday, May 2, 2011

Danger Dame: Our Home

"I was literally just about to go to bed when I looked at EA’s forum. I wanted to see what any other Plague Rats had said about the beautiful Veronica’s tragic loss, and I discover a link to her .net journal about the event. It was entitled “Our home”, and by the end of the page a few tears had leaked out of my eyes. Not many things make me cry, but her beautiful home that was filled with love is now lost, and all of her records are lost too."

I wrote that a few nights ago. I couldn't post on it straight away, so it's here now. Here is the link, so you can read it.
Has there been anything you've ever read, about someone you have never met and they have never heard of you, that has made you shed tears?
It's rare for me, because I've developed a rather thick shell, but it does ocassionally happen, but I love Emilie Autumn and the Bloody Crumpets, musically, artistically and just their attitude in general. They are all inspirational women in my eyes, and I don't like it when anyone, but especially the people I look up to, suffer hardship.

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  1. This made me sad :( I don't know much about the poor lady but geeze. I can't even imagine the pain she and her husband are enduring. My heart goes out to them