Thursday, May 26, 2011


So I had more plans that just this... but Firefox isn't letting me access Blogger.
I'm current;y using Google Chrome, but I really hate using it.

Anyone else having this problem? It worked fine last night....

xxx Lilly


  1. Sometimes, Fiyahfux is just a bit HOW ABOUT NO. Mine once wouldn't let me onto blogger, but it subsided. I also deleted internet explorer from my computer because it kept trying to open at random intervals.

    Try updating firefox or restarting. Google Chrome is weird and somewhat satanic.

  2. I've got the exact same problem! SO annoying.

  3. Hmmm It's been fine up until now, and I've had my Google account for a year and been on blogger for about nine months... Restarted the computer and nothing happened.

    It's also a bit strange that it's happening to both of us...