Friday, April 1, 2011


So sorry that I have been negelecting this blog again. Year 12 is sucking the life out of me, and I recently ran almost out of internet downloads... Damn you, YouTube!!!

Anyway, I'm still living and breathing for the moment, so over the weekend you can expect some proper posts again.

What did you think of my makeup tutorial last post? Should I do another one?

In regards to any decent content in this here post, I am going to leave you with some more pictures of this that I am currently in love with... =)
How can you not love this???

Shiny latex Green Fairy. It works here

Cemetary photos...

Modern Surrealism at it's finest

I am a huge Simpsons fan. I think this is brilliant. It from Etsy, but I cannot remember the exact store

xxxx Lilly


  1. New makeup tutorial please! The last one was brilliant. :3

    When I'm pregnant, I'm getting that baby carriage made, and made so I can take the actual baby-holding part off the wheels and put it on a stand to make it into a rocking cradle.

  2. Is there any particular look that you are interested in?

    That idea is lovely. It would be like your own baby Pubert in a cradle!!! =D

  3. That baby-stroller-thing (sorry I am loosing my words D:) is just AMAZING.

  4. Agreed. I think i found it on The Lady of The Manners' Tumblr...

  5. Wicked baby carriage! How can anyone resist such a spookilicious pram.

  6. Couldnt agree more with that, very attractive article