Monday, April 4, 2011

Steampunk, Changes and Thanks

First of all, I'm currently writing this from school, so I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do. I'll finish it at home if need be. Anyway, from some random surfing I came across this. Circus Oz is one of Australia's circuses, and it's pretty good overall. Very tongue in cheek mind you, but we all love of bit of that from time to time.
But, Steampunk circus is really really awesome! And hopefully this will add some familiarity to the general public about Steampunk.... which is needed. Often I'll say something like "Oh so I saw this band on YouTube. Their visual style was kind of Steampunk..." only to recieve raised eyebrows.

Next, I'd like to thank everyone for the response I've been getting here lately. I know I'm not always consistent with my blogging, but people have still been reading... over sixty views today and yesterday...?!?
Thanks also to the positive feedback on my last post as well. It is always nice to know that my hard work trialing and writing pays off.

And, you probably know that I had promised to do a makeup tutorial today. Well, I had intended to do "Making eyebrows invisible", you know, for creative eyeliner and such. I naturally have black eyebrows, so I soon realised that I had no hope unless I got some facepaint, and I loathe that stuff. So, instead I posted on
black lipstick yesterday.
xxx Lilly


  1. For covering eyebrows? Spirit gum. Trust me, I'm a make-up student ^^

  2. Where can I get some of that? Is it ok for sensitive skin?

  3. I love Steampunk, haha. I know what you mean about people not understanding.

  4. You know who's better than Circus Oz?

    Byron Bay Circus Arts.

    Truefacts. Also, Circus WOW. I'm not saying that because I was in them both or anything. No. I'm not biased in any kind of way. >>

  5. Well, the Flying Fruit Fly circus in based in Albury where I used to live. They would probably be my favourite becuase I've done training with them and I had so many friends in there while I lived there. =D