Sunday, April 3, 2011

Black Lipstick

There are quite a few folks in the Goth world who feel that black lipstick is reserved only for Mallgoths and Babybats. This is probably due to the unfortunate steryotype of a younger Goth wearing Tripp pants and having badly done black lipstick smeared onto their lips, and even more unfortunatly is that these people do exists.

However, there are those, myself included, feel that black lipstick can, and does look fantastic if it is worn the right way. To quote Jillian Venters "You must ensure that you're wearing it, not the other way around."
Siouxsie looking stunning in black lipstick
There are also ways of wearing black lipstick in conjunction with other colours as a way of intensifying or darkening the colour. Another important tip is to learn how to use makeup properly. Most lighter colours allow you to make some mistakes and no one will notice, but black is very harsh and needs to be flawless, or it will look awful. You need to be commited have very smooth lips, because as the colour wears it will look very scaly on dry lips, and it needs to be reapplied often.
It needs to compliment your other makeup and clothes. There's no set rules about what suits black lipstick, but it shouldn't be casual.

Black lipstick is also used in to world of Haute Couture, which is eons away from hardcore Goths, as a dramatic look. If you can stand it, there are some fantastic tutorials by high end makeup companies such as M.A.C featuring well done black lipstick. These show proper application and the required attitude towards dark makeup which is required for something that has been done badly so many times.

xxx Lilly


  1. I've only worn black lipstick once, and it was for a photoshoot. I don't like it on me.

  2. It doesn't suit everybody. It hardly suits me. Only if I wear it with red or purple underneath. But, I think that people should be able to wear it if they wish.

  3. This is a great post. (People who look good in it) should totally steal black lipstick away from the BabyBats.

    And I agree it shouldn't be casual. So far, the only people I have seen really pull it off are over-the-top deathrockers and musician-type people.

  4. Thanks for posting this! It was really helpful, I've never worn black lipstick because my lips are very dry.

  5. Thanks everyone.
    @Ashlee, I agree. Of course, professional alternative models look stunning as well. There's something about strong lighting and photoshop that makes it all look wonderful. Musicians do look good in it (because of the theaterics or lights? Something to think about...), but I don't know how well things will go at my solo classical flute recital if I rock up in black lipstick! XD