Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gothic Princess Makeup Tutorial

Firstly, thakyou to everyone who submitted their vote in the poll. Your input was greatly appreciated. Now, I present the first makeup tutorial. Please give me your feedback.

This makeup look is designed to be soft, romantic and light with a Gothic undertone. It is ideal as day wear and places where it is inappropriate to have really heavy dark makeup, but it still allows you to express yourself and your darker aesthetics.

Begin by applying a foundation that matches your skin tone only in the areas that you feel you need to; If you don’t think that you need any, so much the better. Remember that this look is light and soft, so a mousse foundation is the best. Avoid a liquid foundation if you can help it, because they look too creamy and are more difficult to blend. Apply a light dusting of matte powder all over your face, focusing on any areas that are prone to shine, again in a shade that matches your skin tone or a shade or two lighter. No more, because while you would be enhancing your delightful pallor, you want to look windswept, romantic, youthful, alluring or whimsical, not dead.  Leave your eye sockets are eye area free of makeup at this stage.

Optional- apply an illuminator over your cheek bone and temple, ensuring that you blend out to the hairline.

Apply a soft lilac or lavender powder eye shadow over the eyelid, stopping before the crease. Add a small amount of the lilac under the eye. Apply a black glitter eye shadow under the eye in the outer corner. Blend the black out, down and towards your temple, creating a winged look. All the makeup needs to be blended so it looks airbrushed. Apply white shimmer eye shadow along your brow bone, blending towards the lilac, creating a flawless gradient at the crease.

Apply a thick line of eyeliner using a black kohl pencil under the lower lashes, building up in the outer corner. Don’t apply eyeliner to the waterline because this will make your eyes look smaller. Using an eye shadow smudger or cotton tip, smudge the eyeliner out, down and towards the temple in the same direction as the shadow. Don’t go overboard though. It is meant to look naturally blended, not exaggerated, as if you have just slept in your eye makeup (which, by the way, is not good for your eyes…)

Apply black sooty mascara to your upper and lower lashes. Sooty mascara can be achieved easily by coating both sides of the lashes, i.e. the upper side and the lower side. This is best done with an older mascara that is a little dry so it will not transfer onto your eyelid. If there are flecks of mascara of eyeliner simply wait until they’re dry and gentle wipe away with a cotton tip.

For the lips apply a dark red lipstick intensely and blot with a tissue.I darkened mine with a smidge of black.  This creates a naturally stained look, as if you have been drinking wine or eating cherries. Finish with a cherry lip gloss or balm.
Don't mind the awkward last photo. It was taken a little while afterwards.

xxxx Lilly


  1. I've never thought about smudging the lower lash line with a cotton tip. I might try that some time!

  2. A smudger is better because cotton tips have the tendancy to pull off a lot of the eyeliner. My smudger came on an eyeliner pencil, and I think they're available separatly. However, if you can get a cotton tip to do the trick, then that's fine. The problem with smudgers is that they need to be cleaned, but they're still brilliant.

  3. I'll tell you what I tell Lucy Diamond every time I see her.

    It's not fair to be prettier than everyone else. Desist, immediately. D<

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  5. Thanks for the notification. Have done so now!