Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Weekend...

So, as a new makeup tutorial/ experiment I am going to trial Invisible Eyebrows, and, no. I'm not going to shave mine off. But, hopefuly things will work out. We'll have some interesting results so say the least. I'm going to try and take my photos and write up the post tomorrow and publish it on Monday. As for today, I spent most of the day with my boyfriend around Melbourne. More notably, while I had dragged him to Peril Underground (An awesome yet rather unknown independant shop that sells heaps or Goth, metal and rock music, along with heaps of new and second hand Gothic clothing) and a cool looking girl wearing a lot of brightly coloured clothes and a hot pink mohawk (that was not put up) commented on my coffin shaped bag. It was just a ' oh, I like your bag. Where did you get it?' type question, but it got us chatting. Anyway, I don't remember the whole conversation, but she commented that the whole "Old school romantic Goth" look (naturally she couldn't see my ripped stockings and spiked cuffs), or words to that effect, really suited me, and she said that it was rather rare to see Goths like that these days. Now in Melbourne there are heaps of alternative types, and that is one thing the city is well known for, so I have seen a lot of Romantic Goths around, but in general they have been trad Goths who make me uncomfortable. Yes, you read that right. The reason is, and we chatted about this today, is that I feel really awkward about being so much younger. Probably because I have had some bad experiences with some older Goths, but, some of these folks have kids who are my age. Anyway, it was kind of depressing to think that when (yes, I haven't been out to a club yet and I've been 18 for a month) I go out, there won't be as many folks who are interested in the type of Goth that I love so much. But, the cool girl, who did tell me her name, said that I pulled it off so well, so that really did make my day at the same time.

xxx Lilly


  1. zomg when I move to Melbz I say have to take you out for a night on the goth town :) Goth outings in Melbourne are awesome.

  2. Let me know when you do. =) I still have to organise my ID, which being a major hassle, but that should be sorted out asap. The DV8 has things on each Saturday night, which would be pretty cool I think.