Monday, February 11, 2013

The Goth Challenge 2013- Parts 9 and 10

  • 5 keywords that describe my personal Goth style
Vampire, Romantic, Burlesque, Cabaret, Deathrock
  • How I first found out about Goth fashion
I've been exposed to Goth fashion and culture all my life, seeing people wearing the clothes on the street, in editorials and protrayed in films and on tv, and always been facinated with it. Goth fashion was something that I slowly and naturally began incorperating into my outfits ever since I was able to make concious choices about my clothing, until it overtook everything and all of the 'non-Goth' clothing had all been sent to second hands stores to, hopefully, find a second (or third considering I've purchased 2nd hand clothes all my life) life in a new home. As I've said countless times my style is constantly evolving and changing so I think that even in a year or so I will have changed my personal style and some of my current outfit will be recycled.

Sorry again for another mini-post. Hopefully soon I will have something more substantial to post about!

xxx Lilly

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