Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Laced Eyeliner tutorial

This is a look I wear reasonably often out to clubs and the ocassional daytime event (like the recent picnic for example). I actually thought this look was pretty common place, seeing people such as The Green Fairy wear it out regularly, but while clubbing and attending events many Goths of all ages ( including ladies who have been dressing up for many more years than me) asking how I created the effect. So, I decided that it would be a great blog tutorial.

The makeup will look a little something like this... (these photos were quickly snapped while I was in the middle of getting dressed ready for bi-monthly Melbourne Goth night Requiem, and may have been a drink or two down already.... XD)
This was my makeup on Saturday night, before my hair and outfit was done.

 This look is simple enough. Begin with your regular foundation and powder routine. I would suggest that you completed almost as much of your chosen makeup as you can, leaving this as the final technique. Perhaps leave you lips bare for the moment though as you hands may smudge the lipcolour or the lace/net you use could very likely lift away and even transfer any product ruining everything. And, you don't want that. Really.

Depending on whether you want to wear fake eyelashes, or like me have naturally long lashes, skip the mascara until afterwards too. You'll know why soon enough...

Now, take an old pair of lace or fishnet tights and find part of the pattern that you like. Remember that the transfer on your face will be the reverse, so find a pattern with lots of space, rather than something with a lot of material. However, a good amount of material is important to create a contrast. The stockings I used this time didn't have a thick weave, hence the slight blending.
I highly recomend you trial this makeup before you do your final makeup, as the pattern you choose will affect the look you want 100%. I would also recomend choosing a regular pattern like fishnet, as I think uneven patterns (for example a floral lace) look a bit silly. But that's just me.

Find the crotch of the tights (please ensure they're washed!) and stretch that over your face with the pattern lining up to wherever you want it. It needs to be quite taught to follow the contours of your face, so keep your hair up and in a bun if it is long. Most likely it will be up for your makeup anyway. Once you've begun, you can't really change it, so make sure it's right before you start.

Now, take a flat foundation sponge or flat powder puff. Trust me, don't use a brush, even a Kabuki brush, as the bristles flick the product around and under the lace and it just doesn't work at all.

Having yor hair styled over your temples will make this look more blended and less 'suddenly prints on the face' XD
Dampen it ever so slightly and then liberally press it into your desired pressed powder eyeshadow or blush and lightly tap off the excess. Press it firmly onto your face with even pressure as desired. Here you can be creative, creating a gradient or even multiple colours. I personally like this technique on my temples fading around my higher cheekbones ands forehead, similar to contouring. I found that pressing firmly but not excessive dabbing achieved the best result. Going crazy with the dabbing of the sponge just made a blur of pigment similar to using a brush, but too light pressure looks silly or fading.
Please excuse the bizzare eyebrows. Like I said I was still only half dressed =S

Once you believe you've achieved you're desired look, carefully lift the stockings out and then over your hair (finish your hair afterwards). You can use a brush to reduce the severity of this look or to blend the edges, just be gentle. If it is really full on I would suggest to use a makeup removing wipe and gently wipe off the sections you don't want, and then fill in with foundation or powder if necessary. This can also create a striking line across your cheek. XD

Something that I didn't do in these photos was choose stockings that have a thick weave, hence the slight blending.

In these photos I sealed the makeup with some sealing gel mixed with some cosmetic glitter using a coarse Kryolan sponge. The flash I used doesn't really pick up on the glitter, but there was a lot! This look can be bit fragile if you don't set it with something like a sealing gel or spray.

Other makeup for this look was hot pink and purple eyeshadow with gold, gold glitter and black mascara and liquid eyeliner, plus foundation, just fyi.

I hope you enjoyed this makeup tutorial. Please give me some feedback in the comments!

xxx Lilly


  1. Love it!! I haven't seen this look yet. I can't wait to give it a try. Thank you for posting it