Friday, February 22, 2013

The Goth Challenge 2013- Parts 11 and 12

  • Three trends I wish would come back

This is difficult to answer as Goth doesn't really have 'trends'. (Remember that this challenge was originally Lolita, which seems to have trends coming and going)
Many local Goths in my scene continue to wear their own personal fashions for years and years, obviously with variation, but the key trends remain consistent.

-Number one would be the trend of wearing a black velvet, or similar, ribbon around ones neck or wrists. Being a fan of vampire aesthetics, this accessory is from the notion that you were hiding a fresh or healing bite mark from other members of society. For people who aren't vampire fans, this trend also nods to the film Orphan, and other similar films. If you haven't seen it, I won't give it away, but watch it. I love that movie.

-Fringe-less hairstyles. I don't have a blunt fringe. I adore them completely, but I don't think they suit me and am too scared to try it. I just that the absence of fringes were seen a bit more often.

- Maxi skirts. Ok, so this has never been unpopular with Goths, but I want things to stay that way!

  • Combining other fashions with Goth

I am a fan of vampire aesthetics, fairy aesthetics and many Japan trends, but honestly I think that a Goth wearing any creative and expressive outfit is wearing a Goth outfit, as their penchant for Goth will probably shine through. So yeah, it is all down to individual inspirational pictures, pieces and outfits rather than a set style. Just my opinion of course!

xxx Lilly


  1. Yeah for real, there isn't seasonal trends like in Lolita. Too bad! But theres been some shifts through the decades. Kinda wish 80s goth could come back...and those 90s nose chains !!! (which i listed on my post)

  2. I'm a wimp when it comes to piercings so I won't be getting my nose done any time soon...!
    True about the decade shift. I think that's because each decade brings forth the young ones who have their own style, with new and different influences, while the Elder Goths continue to do their own things as well.