Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Perfume Tagging

I was tagged by Cooking Chinchillas, who tagged all of her followers. I also believe that it was she who translated it into English for us to all enjoy. Thanks!

How many Perfumes do you own right now?
Elizabeth Arden Green Tea, CK Eternity, So...? Superstar, Vera Wang Princess, Dior Addict, Dior Addict Eau Fraiche, CK Truth, CK Eternity Purple Orchid, Miss Dior Cherie, Queen Nefertiti, Stich No. 60, Samakand Oil and Peace Rose oil plus a few others.

Expensive or cheap perfumesExpensive is always better but if I'm broke then cheap is ok. Some cheap ones really are fantatic.

Do you buy your perfumes yourself,or do you get Perfume gifts?
Sometimes as presents but it's expensive so not all that

Do you still remember your first perfume?If yes,which one was it?
Yes, It was a Stitch of Angel. Not overly nice but good for such a young age.

What is your current favorite perfume?
Dior Addict. It has been my favourite for years.

Which perfume you don't like to smell?
YSL Baby Doll, CK Eternity, Red Door... there are quite a few.

The ideal Spring/Summer scent?
Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden

The ideal Autumn/Winter scent?
Dior Addict.

Do you choose perfumes by yourself, or does anybody (spouse/partner) help you?
I always choose them myself. Perfume is such a personal thing.

A walking cloud of perfume or a subtle scented person?
In between. It depends on the weather and the amount of clothing.

A fairy appears and she wants you to create a perfect scent,what would it be?
A sweet oriental that was created with the blood of vampires.

Do you use all your perfumes regularly or do some bottles accumulate dust?
I try to rotate them but some I like more than others so they get used a lot more.

Do you collect perfume samples?
Not really but I have some beautiful Dior ones. I prefer to buy bigger bottles.

Yes so as you can tell I'm a huge perfume junkie. One of my dark pleasures. Oh and please do vote in my poll. Your feedback is really greatly appreciated. P.S I also tag everyone if they want to. =)
xxx Lilly

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  1. That perfect scent really does sound perfect.