Friday, June 10, 2011


 You know what sucks? Viruses.
And now, thanks to my lack of attention whilist using my laptop last night, there is a massive one sitting somewhere benethe the murky depths of my hard drive and doesn't want to move. It's really depressing because usually I am so careful about these sorts of things, and then there's just this 'once off' event and what the hell do you know... there's now a virus. So, thanks to the hacker who decided to create that to ruin my year twelve. I'm currently writing this in the middle of the school library and will probably get kicked off any time soon. (I am trying to do some school work as well, but considering that exam week is next week and the only mid- year exam I have is the GAT there's not a hell of a lot I can do. Not here in this noisey room at the least.)
And then just before we watched the particularly moving file Atonement in Literature. We're studying the book at the moment, so we got to watch the movie this morning. I've seen that movie before, but it is still pretty sad.
So yes, I'm not feeling brilliant by any means and I'm not sure what to do about it. (Note to self. Contact Dad asap to sort out virus...) which leaves me here, whining away on this pathetic desktop. I'd most definatly be on YouTube, but I didn't bring any head phones and the noise wouldn't go down too well.
Stress is something that really doesn't agree with me. Last night I hardly sleeped because my brain was just full of freaking out- type thoughts not of year 12 and it's joys but of that stupid virus. Somewhat backwards I must admit, but that is how it was. Subsequently now I am dead tired and feel ready to snap at anyone who looks at me sideways, have a raging headache and am hungry because I didn't eat breakfast and I haven't really made anything suitable for lunch. Oh yeah, working on calculus at eight in the morning really didn't help anything either.
So, as much as I'd love to say 'Enough with the complaining!' and move on to something positive and far more interesting, I really don't have anything to say. I cannot guarantee how often I'll be able to post in the coming weeks (considering my laptop is indisposed) but I'll try. I won't really be able to write here at school either because, well I just won't be here.

I realised I've never posted a photo of my flutes! My new one is the shiny one on the right.

xxx Lilly


  1. You poor thing! I wish you the best of luck, exams totally suck and I understand how frustrating how all this can be. I hope everything goes well and that your back to posting regularly :)

  2. Thanks for the support. Things hopefully are simmering down now but my home laptop is still out of action. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to posting regularly soon. =)