Friday, February 11, 2011

Something to think about...

So as you are reading this you'll undoubtably realise that the dear cat theme has gone from my blog. This is an attempt to test the comments problem, after searching through the help forum, I've decided that this is the best option. So, please attempt to post a comment after reading this, and we'll see what happens...

xxx Lilly


  1. Hi! I´ve tried several times to post comment but it was impossible! If now the comment stuff works, I will try to comment always I can :). Don´t be sad about your blog. A the begening is normal if you don´t have many visitors or comments. Little by little, things go better. Is important to write a minimum of posts (per weak/month) to show that you have not forgotten your blog. I think is great if you write a little bit of everything, make-up, books, personal thoughts... I also like to read about this kind of stuff. So, so ahead! :)

    Kisses from Madame Macabre.

  2. Yay^^ I followed your blog because I find you interesting, so don't fret. And I love this theme much better, tis much easier to read. :)
    Quite Sincerely, Boots!

  3. I really like the new layout too! I like your blog and think it's great! Keep up the good work!

  4. @ Madame Macbbre. Thanks. This theme is definatly better. It took me awhile to discover the problem, and then find out the problem. I sent some 'help' emails to the forum, but there was no solution. Then, I realsied that it was the comment link that was broken. This layout is a template, but it works just fine.
    @ Boots. Thanks for the great feedback.

  5. @ Angel of Darkness. Thanks for that. =) this layout will be here to stay.
    Anyone, let me know if there is anything that doesn't work. =D