Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Arcane- The Stone Circle

Firstly, I'd like to thank The Odd Duck for her post about her new readers. She mentioned that she liked what I've been writing which is a huge incentive to keep writing and shows me that people are actually reading what I write (because my comments are STILL down. Time for a follow up email, I think). Anyway, The Odd Duck writes some really interesting posts, so I suggest that you go and check her out A.S.A.P

Now, you those of you with fast internet and a love for playing puzzle/ adventure, here is a game for you to really get into. My boyfriend showed me the games (there are eight in total, and are all part of the story- scroll down to find them all) a few weeks ago and we spent a whole evening playing them. They are really fun and require a lot of thinking. The game is set in about the 1920's, but with a subtle Steampunk twist. It also involves magic, decption and ancient religion.
The instructions are presented in the opening title sequence before the actual game play, but to make it breif, you play one of the three main characters and have to find clues and evidence to solve the mystery. Time elapses in the game, and if you click too many times you will die and have to start over. There is a bit of leaway with the amount of clicks you are allowed, so don't let that put you off. Just be aware.
Also, there are a few puzzles that are timed. i.e. you have to do something in a short space of time, but there aren't many. Generally, you can get up and leave the game running and nothing will happen.

In the game some of the puzzles are very VERY difficult, and some are almost impossible without help. Subsequently, I'm going to provide you with a very nice help page. Mandi's Hint page provides some clues to solve the puzzles in each of the chapters. Of course DON'T read the all of the hints on the hint page without trying all possibilites/ objects. There's no fun in that!!!

 Here is a screen shot (not taken by me) from part five. Enjoy!

xxxx Lilly


  1. Sorry that I'm just barely getting around to this. Thank you for the mention! Your blog is great, and I hope that your comments start going up for you. Have you thought of joining any online forums?

  2. What sort of forums? I'm involved in some musician forums, but nothing apart from that. What would you suggest?