Friday, February 11, 2011

Skin Lightening

It's potential that you guys don't know, but secretly, I am a YouTube freak. I spend far too much time (and downloads) there. Anyway, one of my favourite channels at the moment is SecretLifeofaBioNerd. It's a girl from the U.S.A doing DIY beauty, sewing and reviews with some information about the science of the products. If you haven't done any upper level (say, senior high school) chemistry or biology, some of it won't make sense, but I urge you to look anyway and learn something. =) Anyway, the point of all this, and it's something that will appeal to quite a few Goths I am sure, is this video...

Skin whitening is potentially dangerous, so be careful and FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!!! =D

xxx Lilly


  1. I have never tried this, and I don´t think I will try :S... I think we don´t need to be all with the same pale face, this will be very boring. I prefer to care my natural skin tone, which is not totally pale, but is almost pale. But I love my sun protector, is my summer´s best friend :D. However, it can be helpfull, so thanks :).


    Madame Macabre.

  2. I agree with you. I have naturally very pale skin, but obviously the sun is very intense here. I posted it because it's interesting, more than really practical. Besides, there is SO much fake tan on sale here, so it's refreshing that there is the opposite product as well do.

  3. I just use lemon juice mixed with Greek yoghurt, it makes you smell like cheese for a little while but it does enhance my naturally pale skin, and is very moisturising.

    Obviously in conjunction with sunscreen, parasols and regular exfoliation. XD

  4. That sounds good. I unforutnatly cannot use lemon juice straight because it really irritates my skin. At the moment I am using lemon juice body wash, but I don't know if it is doing anything to the colour... Does the lemon curdle the yoghurt???