Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gothic shoes

This could very well be a touchy subject, so I'm going to simply give my opinion. (Do I need to point out that everyone's opinion is equally vaild and worthy? No? Thought not XD) Anyway I am going to adress the issue of Gothic shoes, and what is/ isn't considered appropriate in the dark and dreary relms of foot wear.

Goths are steryotyped are always wearing huge stompy boots with buckles and laces. I do have a pair myself, and I do love them. And I know that I am not the only one. However there are situations in everyone's life where huge platform boots are not to be worn. Whether that is for practicality, apprearence or comfort, sometimes it's Just Not Going To Work. There are more comfortable options that are loved by us dark creatures of the night. Doc Martens are an example here. They are well made, flat, neutral and very black, so I can see you just rolling your eyes are thinking "Well, why don't you just swap between those two?"
Ah, dear readers this is the whole point of my post. I do have my own pair of Docs (23 eyelet ones, but I cannot remember without counting, and can't be bothered finding them hidden in my lair) that I got at the beginning of the school year, so about a month ago. These shoes, as awesome are they are, left me with the worst shoe blisters that I have every recieved, and that is NOT pleasant. So, what is the solution? Well, thongs are out for me because they'ed be on display for everyone, along with my chipped black nail polish which I need to touch up. That doesn't sound like fun. So, I wore flats. All of my pairs of flat shoes were bought many years ago and resembled moth eatern socks, so last weekend I trekked out to an inexpensive shoe store with my dear mother and found three pairs that I could bare to wear. But, guess what... surprise surprise, the shoes gave me blisters, so I have spent the last few days wearing... are you ready for this???
The main thing that has been running through my mind was the bizzare feeling that I wasn't really myself, or that I had sunk a few notches down in the Gothic stakes, simply for wearing a particular type of shoes. Well, I'm exaggerating, obviously, but it did occur to me that maybe I felt just the teeniest bit against the idea of *shock* mainstream shoes.

So I am going to clear up the idea inside my utterly insane brain and present to you all...
Lilly's Guide to Non Goth Shoes... For Goths

1. Thongs. Hahaha to those of you in American. I mean flip flops, or whatever they're called. Anyway, let me assure that in a hot Australian summer or anywhere where there is a lot of heat, your feet are going to murder you if you torture them in thick hot black shoes or boots. I am not saying that you should leave the house and go shopping/ clubbing in thongs, but they're awfully useful to have around in case you go swimming or are going to use a public shower.

2. Runners or Converse. Yes, the footwear that is so famously defined as Emo, and Goths shouldn't touch them... Well, imagine if your going travelling for a long distance, or excercising, or... ahem, have sore feet. A comfortable, well made canvas shoe will be your saviour, and they can be made to look interesting if you are really good at customising and go for that 'beat up yet glamourous punk' look, which I think can be really hot if done well.

3. Slippers. I'm not a slippers person at all, but I do know that cold winter- morning tiles are not fun, so do yourself a favour and find a black fluffy pair.

 4. Unembellished shoes, i.e plain shoes. This is important because it gives you something to wear to places such as a job interview or a science/ tech prac. It also gives you an option for some shoes that will work with your outfit when nothing else will... you know those days...

Anyway, goodnight to you all. So sorry that this post has taken so long....

I must do better

xxxx Lilly


  1. I have loads of pairs of Converse-style shoes from the brand Underground, and I love them! My slippers are black and have cameos and lace embroidered on them ^^

  2. Cameo and lace slippers! I am well jealous! I want some! I have ugg boots (I know alright, but they're warm and I live in a place that gets extremes, up to 40 in summer and well below zero in winter. And I'm in Australia, yes it does get cold here!) Anyway my ugg boots are from Iron Fist, so I think they're okay. Besides, they have Zombies on them.

    The majority of the time I wear oxford/brogue style shoes. They're very comfortable and very stylish. In fact I just got a new pair eep! ^_^ I also used to have a few pairs of flats but I tend to destroy them so quickly some how, and my favourite pair of flats got covered in mud after a photoshoot one day and I think they're in my best friend's back shed somewhere :P

    I own converse shoes, they're covered in blue sequins. I wear them for days when I'm going to be particularly active. And of course, being Australian like yourself Lily I own two pairs of thongs. One was especially for the showers at uni and the others I wear around the property and/or when I'm too lazy to wash my socks.

  3. @Ultimate Goth Guide- You're so lucky they sound really pretty. Naturally I think that even with mainstream shoes there are some gems that stand out beneth the trash that is forced into our faces.

    @The Green Fairy- Iron Fist Ugg Boots! That sounds awesome. In summer and autumn I generally wear flat shoes because of the weather. However with school this year I prefer boots. My Converse are the boring black and white ones... hehehe

  4. I absolutely love Converse! And also my awesome combat boots. Great post by the way!

  5. It's really good to see that I am not the only one who has some sense and reason here!!!

  6. I have twenty pairs of converse, from white, leopardprint, slip-on allstars to mid-calf hightops...and Emily the Strange ones my sister and I share.

    Converse are awesome!