Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some short notes, year twelve, and some mild frustration

Firstly, I'll aposigise. Sorry I haven't been writing lately. Year twelve has been going on for a week, so  decided that now was the time. Also, I've been trying to think of ways to improve my blog, but considering my comments appear to STILL BE DOWN, that's a bit hard. Time for a follow up email, I think, and could all of you lovely followers please please please try to write a comment on one of my posts (and then notify me somehow) so I know for sure if they're down. It might be that only five comments have been made at all, but considering that this blog has been active for nearly six months, I doubt that.
In the mean time, I am going to jump on the bandwagon and try to find out how to create some polls so find out what people are interested in reading about in my blog. I think comments are better for this, because it's more direct, but because that's not happening at the moment, we'll all have to make do

In other news,  yes, I'm a week into year twelve. It's a pretty daunting experience when you realise that this is your last year of being a school kid, and your first year of being an adult. Oh, yeah, I turn 18 in three weeks, on the 4th of March!!! XD
So I've realised that this year I have alot of freedom with the way I do my school work. Most of it is very open ended, which is nice for me.

If your looking for some new vauderville music with a cabaret twist then I'd like to present you with Rapskallion, who is a band from Brunswick, right here in Melbourne (and quite close to where I live =D). Their music sounds like Tom Waites, Voltaire (To The Bottom of the Sea, in particular) and some genuine Cabaret and circus thrown in. The band is highly theaterical, and their live shows are fantastic. I have seen them twice now and intend on doing so more. Oh, and did I mention that I spent the end of FRL dancing with them, and then painting faces with another lovely Goth I met to the soothing, entracing melodies of their button and piano accordians. Yes, it was a night to remember.

Anyway, that's all now. Please answer the polls for me, and enjoy yourselves.

xxx Lilly.

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