Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gloom Cookies

(First published on 7th September, 2010)

I found the CUTEST website here!

I personally love everything that has a cheesy cute Halloween feel to it. Like The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (Although I've never watched it),  The Nightmare before Christmas, The Corpse Bride ect. I don't think that everything needs to be depressing and gloomy to be Gothic. There is so many sad and unpleasant things in the world as it is, so why shouldn't we indulge ourselves with a little 'cuteness' or fun???
It's true that the things that I personally think are cute are not what many others would like, but that doesn't really matter.
Voltaire's Deady
And it brings me to another topic... Bands like Creature Feature and Voltaire and his Skeletal Orchestra employ humour in their shows. Voltaire is hilarious in person, just as he is in his music. With songs like "Ex Lovers's Lover" and "When You're Evil", Voltaire uses the humour to make something seem happy, when it really isn't. "A Gorey Demise" by Creature Feature, apart from paying hommage to a BRILLIANT artist, shows how something that is essentially F*cked up and makes it seem ok. Because of the laughing and happy singing, how can a Goth not smile when they hear it? (Unless they simply don't like the sound, which of course is understandable.) In my opinion this sort of black humour is almost more evil than something that is really obvious (Like black metal) because it is more subversive and... well... happy.
I even got my dearest hippy of a boyfriend to smile and laugh at Voltaire's "Zombie Prostitute" XD
In summary, why are we Goths expected to be miserable and 'un- smiling' about everything ALL THE TIME???? Are we not allowed to indulge in a little black humour every so often?
I say, of course we can! And we should!

xxxx Lilly
Listening to Bahaus- Bela Lugosi's Dead

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